Bully Ray Highlights Major Flaw in AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts Match


Bully Ray Highlights Major Flaw in AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts Match
Bully Ray Highlights Major Flaw in AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts Match

Following the latest installment of AEW Dynamite's notoriously brutal Blood & Guts match, wrestling veteran Bully Ray shared his thoughts on Jon Moxley's initial onslaught of violence, expressing a measure of perplexity during his recent segment on "Busted Open Radio." The recent Blood & Guts match has taken violence in wrestling to an unprecedented degree, with Moxley employing an array of unconventional weapons ranging from forks to broken glass and even a bed of nails.

Yet, despite the dramatic escalation in brutality, Bully Ray pinpointed an aspect of the match that left him scratching his head. "When Moxley entered the cage, the first thing he did was pull out a fork," Bully Ray elucidated.

"And then, somewhat inexplicably, he began relentlessly stabbing it into Kenny's and Hangman's heads." However, the seasoned wrestler found himself puzzled when, despite this onslaught, neither of Moxley's victims exhibited any signs of bleeding.

Moxley's Bloodshed: A Silent Message?

To Bully Ray, this seemed distinctly unusual. He mused, "I almost thought it was a covert message from Moxley, a veiled middle finger to everyone who's complained about the excessive bloodshed in his matches." It's no secret that Moxley has been under fire for the copious amount of blood that often characterizes his matches.

Defending himself, Moxley has previously claimed it to be a means of adding an element of realism to his performances. Despite Bully Ray's reservations about the initial stabbings, the Blood & Guts match wasn't without its share of gore, as evidenced by the crimson masks donned by wrestlers at various points throughout the Wednesday night event.

Bully Ray further reflected on the match, saying, "I can't help but wonder because if I were involved in the match or acting as the agent, and I knew Moxley was going to attack with a fork and nobody was going to bleed...to me, that represents a significant disconnect."

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