Xavier Woods Lauds Logan Paul and Bad Bunny for Their WWE Efforts

WWE's Xavier Woods weighs in on celebrity wrestlers' efforts.

by Noman Rasool
Xavier Woods Lauds Logan Paul and Bad Bunny for Their WWE Efforts

On a recent episode of the "It's A Bit" podcast, WWE superstar Xavier Woods offered his insights on an array of topics, one of the most notable being his candid perspective on the contributions of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny to WWE.

His appraisal revolved around the commendable effort and commitment these celebrities have shown, transcending the typical expectations of celebrity wrestlers. Woods was particularly articulate about his opinion on Logan Paul, a well-known internet personality turned wrestler.

Woods admitted, "Against me? No, not." While suggesting that Paul might not yet be ready to face him in the ring, he graciously acknowledged that Paul and his brother Jake had demonstrated commendable wrestling prowess against others on the WWE roster.

He recognized the skill set they brought to the ring as different but in no way deficient.

Woods Applauds Logan Paul's Impact

The WWE superstar continued his praise, expressing his admiration for Logan Paul's determination and hard work.

"Logan has been crushing it and doing a great job," said Woods. He emphasized that it's always thrilling to witness those from outside wrestling circles come in and pay their due respect to the sport, signifying Logan's successful integration into the wrestling world.

The discussion then shifted toward Bad Bunny, a renowned Latin music superstar who recently ventured into the wrestling world. Woods shared that during the pandemic, as WWE shows he continued at the Thunderdome, he often observed Bad Bunny training diligently in the back.

"He's learning how to do this so he can be ready for when it's his turn to go," Woods noted, reflecting on the musician's commitment to honing his wrestling skills. What Woods seemed to appreciate most was Bad Bunny's reverence for wrestling, suggesting that as long as external talents treat the sport with the necessary respect, they have the potential to be successful.

Whether from music, YouTube, film, or podcasting, their success hinges on recognizing the importance of the dedication wrestling demands. This conversation is a testament to the evolution of WWE, which now attracts a diverse pool of talents from different entertainment sectors.

However, as Woods underlines, the passion, and respect for wrestling ultimately drive their success in the WWE, irrespective of their original platform.

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