Report: WWE Has No Immediate Plans to Split Street Profits


Report: WWE Has No Immediate Plans to Split Street Profits

In an exciting update for WWE fans, it seems that "WWE SmackDown" will continue to "feel the smoke" for the foreseeable future, as the company has no intention of splitting up the dynamic duo known as The Street Profits. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that despite long-standing rumors of a potential breakup, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford will remain united as a team, much to the delight of their devoted fanbase.

Speculation about The Street Profits' future reached a fever pitch after last Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown when the company teased the formation of a brand new faction involving the charismatic duo and Bobby Lashley.

The trio was spotted leaving together in a car, sparking discussions among fans about the potential for an exciting collaboration.

Promising Babyface Trio Emerges

Although WWE has yet to unveil its plans for this newfound alliance fully, it appears that The Street Profits and Lashley are slated to become a powerful babyface group moving forward.

The decision to join forces is exciting for WWE enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate the trio's future endeavors. The Street Profits, consisting of Ford and Dawkins, have expressed their desire to emulate the legendary team, The New Day, who have never betrayed each other or officially disbanded.

Dawkins, in particular, has been vocal about his wish to remain paired with Ford, forming a formidable bond both in and out of the wrestling ring. While the specifics of their upcoming storyline remain shrouded in mystery, WWE fans can expect thrilling tag team action as The Street Profits continue to showcase their athleticism, energy, and crowd-pleasing antics.

The duo's chemistry in the ring has earned them a dedicated fan following, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. The decision to keep The Street Profits intact also opens up exciting opportunities for individual success.

WWE has a history of allowing faction members to pursue singles championships, and The Street Profits could be no exception. With WWE champions like Big E and Kofi Kingston having previously represented their factions while holding prestigious titles, The Street Profits may have a chance to achieve similar greatness in the future.

As WWE fans eagerly await the unfolding of this new chapter in The Street Profits' journey, it is evident that WWE intends to capitalize on the duo's immense potential as they venture into this fresh and captivating storyline.

With The Street Profits, Bobby Lashley, and a potential new faction in the mix, WWE SmackDown promises to deliver electrifying entertainment for its passionate audience.

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