Cody Rhodes: 'All In' Essential in New Documentary Storytelling


Cody Rhodes: 'All In' Essential in New Documentary Storytelling

In an insightful and candid interview with Denise Salcedo from Instinct Culture, celebrated professional wrestler Cody Rhodes, also known as 'The American Nightmare,' opened up about his recent experience working on an upcoming documentary about his life and career.

He shared his thoughts about feeling heard by the production team and revealed his minimalistic approach to the film's content requests. Known for his reality TV stints, Rhodes' history in the industry has taught him to maintain low expectations.

He explained, "You might be under the impression that being a producer empowers you to ask for specific content, only to discover that the production team has its agenda. This reality has conditioned me to restrict my requests." In this project, Rhodes opted to emphasize just a couple of things.

"All In": Key to Rhodes' Narrative

Among his scant requests, Rhodes was passionate about the inclusion of footage from the groundbreaking 2018 All In pay-per-view, an event that was instrumental in the genesis of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

"I was determined that All In be featured. The event doesn't belong to me, but its representation is imperative to the narrative. It's both a challenging and beautiful element to incorporate," he stated. While he hoped to see footage from his early wrestling days in high school, Rhodes expressed particular satisfaction over WWE's decision to allow All In's coverage in the documentary.

His gratification is a testament to his positive relationship with WWE since his return. Rhodes elaborated on the significant lyrics, "Wrestling has more than one royal family," distinguishing the world of professional wrestling from the sphere of sports entertainment.

He applauded the WWE team, including Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H, for their commitment to enhancing his character without altering his core persona. In closing, Rhodes expressed profound gratitude towards WWE, acknowledging their role in his successful career evolution.

He believes his ongoing wrestling journey remains unchanged and amplified by their support. His reflections on the documentary and his wrestling journey offer a window into the nuanced and complex world of professional wrestling, generating anticipation for his documentary's release.

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