Jim Ross Queries Ultimo Dragon's Limited WWE Success

Exploring Último Dragón's mysterious underperformance in his WWE tenure.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross Queries Ultimo Dragon's Limited WWE Success

In a recent episode of his 'Grillin JR' podcast, esteemed wrestling commentator Jim Ross shared his insights into the brief and relatively uneventful stint of Japanese wrestling legend Último Dragón in the WWE between 2003-2004.

Ross expressed a sense of bewilderment as he pondered the reasons behind Dragón's lack of considerable success in WWE despite his undeniable talent. "He was a talented guy. No doubt about that. But for some reason, it just didn't click," Ross opined.

He speculated that the pairing decisions might have been the weak link, saying, "It may have been who we booked him with. I don't know."

Último Dragón's Unexpected WWE Exit

Último Dragón, revered in the wrestling world, especially for his work in Japan and WCW, joined WWE in 2003.

Yet, his WWE tenure ended quietly a year later, an abrupt conclusion that puzzled many fans and observers. Ross voiced his admiration for the wrestling veteran, emphasizing that the Japanese legend's talent was not in question and he deserved to achieve much more within WWE.

Ross's co-host, Conrad Thompson, also reminisced about Último Dragón's golden days in WCW. The duo took the opportunity to applaud the wrestling great's in-ring prowess and mulled over the baffling failure of Dragón's WWE run.

Recalling Dragón's excellent performance in WCW, Ross confessed, "Like you (Thompson), I enjoyed his work in WCW when I would catch it." According to Ross, the baffling lack of success in WWE serves as a reminder that even the most talented can falter, saying, "It's almost like, well hell, he can't fail.

Well yeah, he can, and he did." The unexpected inability of Último Dragón to replicate his prior successes in WWE continues to be a point of debate among wrestling enthusiasts. As Ross and Thompson attest, sometimes talent alone is not enough to guarantee success.

Yet, despite his lackluster WWE tenure, Último Dragón's legendary status within the wrestling universe remains untarnished.

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