Jim Ross Recounts WWE Star Fainting at McMahon Meeting


Jim Ross Recounts WWE Star Fainting at McMahon Meeting
Jim Ross Recounts WWE Star Fainting at McMahon Meeting

Veteran commentator and former Talent Relations head, Jim Ross, recently disclosed a curious incident about a high-profile WWE superstar fainting in the course of a meeting with Vince McMahon. Ross, renowned as the defining voice of WWE's Attitude Era, concurrently held the reins as President of Talent Relations during the late '90s.

His dual responsibilities encompassed scouting and signing fresh talent while obtaining McMahon's assent on the roster. Numerous legendary anecdotes detail Ross' persistent advocacy for certain talents that McMahon initially dismissed.

Mick Foley, for instance, only received his break because McMahon wished to disprove Ross' belief in Foley's potential. This gamble paid off spectacularly as Foley later etched his name among WWE's all-time greats.

Regal's Unconscious Incident Recalled

Ross unveiled a revealing story on his recent Grilling JR podcast episode concerning a meeting with William Regal and McMahon where Regal lost consciousness.

This took place circa 1998 when Regal had recently wrapped up a stint in WCW and was battling a painkiller addiction. Ross recounted the incident with a touch of humor and chagrin. He stated, "When you take a guy you really believe has something to offer, like I did with Regal, into Vince's office, and he falls asleep, it’s a bit of a pitch-killer.

Despite my persuasion skills, there was no saving that one." He continued to express his unwavering support for Regal, acknowledging his momentary self-destructive tendencies. "Regal's issues didn't negate his profound understanding of the business, nor his good heart," he added.

He affirmed that Regal, despite his misstep in McMahon's office, remained an adept talent spotter and effective teacher in the industry. In the last decade, Regal has retired from active wrestling, utilizing his skills in off-ring capacities within WWE, including a successful tenure as NXT's General Manager.

Following a brief detour in AEW in 2022, Regal resumed his behind-the-scenes work at WWE, marking an optimistic close to the year.

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