Harley Cameron WWE Aspirations Thwarted by AEW Opportunity


Harley Cameron WWE Aspirations Thwarted by AEW Opportunity

Harley Cameron's journey to AEW's QTV stable was not a straightforward path. Before becoming a part of All Elite Wrestling, Cameron had her sights set on joining their rival company, WWE. At the time, her focus was primarily on her music projects, but her passion for professional wrestling started to blend with her aspirations.

She revealed during an interview on "Talk is Jericho" that her introduction to the wrestling world came through solid friendships with current WWE Superstars Shotzi and Scarlett, who provided valuable insights into the business.

As she delved deeper into the sport, WWE took notice of her potential. However, Cameron's plans to sign with WWE were halted by an unfortunate turn of events. The company decided to release a significant number of individuals involved in the process, ultimately derailing her opportunity.

Despite the setback, Cameron found a silver lining in the experience, as she learned how to wrestle and obtained her green card, a crucial step in securing her wrestling career in the United States. Obtaining the green card wasn't an easy feat, and Cameron faced financial challenges during that period.

She selflessly worked for free for several months while continuing her training at Flatbacks Wrestling School, determined to hone her skills in the ring.

AEW Debut Propels Cameron's Rise

Cameron's persistence and dedication eventually paid off when she received an invitation to appear on "AEW Dark" in a match against Willow Nightingale in July 2022.

This appearance marked the beginning of her journey with AEW, as she was welcomed back for further matches in December. Over time, her talent and commitment caught the attention of AEW President Tony Khan, leading to her elevation to full-time status with the promotion.

The concept of QTV, a stable featuring Q.T. Marshall, Powerhouse Hobbs, Aaron Solo, and Cameron, was conceived by Tony Khan. Initially, the plan was to include a female talent who would not only be a part of QTV's segments but would also wrestle in mixed tag team matches.

Marshall championed Cameron's cause, convinced of her wrestling abilities, and suggested her for the role. Tony Khan was receptive to the idea and, after witnessing her skills in action, decided to bring her on board full-time.

Cameron's transition from the prospect of WWE to becoming an essential member of AEW's QTV stable showcases the determination and resilience that have shaped her wrestling career. With her commitment to improvement and her passion for the sport, she continues to make her mark in the world of professional wrestling, and her future in AEW looks promising.