Positive Feedback for Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee Match on 7/18 NXT


Positive Feedback for Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee Match on 7/18 NXT

WWE's flagship show, NXT, experienced a significant boost in ratings following Dominik Mysterio's momentous victory over Wes Lee, securing him the prestigious North American Championship. According to reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, insiders within the company expressed their delight at the positive response the match received.

The impressive 72.2% year-over-year increase in the crucial 18-49 demographic was a particular highlight for those involved. Notably, the final quarter of the show showcased numbers similar to those achieved by their rival show, "AEW Dynamite," and even surpassed the previous "AEW Collision" event.

This surge in viewership comes at an opportune time for WWE, given that it is a contract year, potentially positioning them for a favorable renewal price. The team behind "NXT" is eagerly working to surpass "Dynamite" in viewership, and the contribution of talents like Mysterio is seen as pivotal in achieving that goal, leading to the continued inclusion of main roster stars on the show.

Main Roster Talent Elevates Event

The integration of main roster talent, including The Judgment Day members, undoubtedly played a significant role in the event's success. As a result, fans can expect to see the faction making more appearances on Tuesday nights in the foreseeable future.

The relentless promotion of the Mysterio vs. Lee match on "WWE Raw" also contributed to its triumph, with Mysterio proudly showcasing his newly won North American title on the main roster shows, amplifying his exposure and impact.

Additionally, WWE's strategic presentation of Mysterio and Rhea Ripley as a formidable duo has garnered immense popularity. Ripley's star power has risen exponentially, solidifying her position as one of the top merchandise sellers.

Her burgeoning success is bound to open up further opportunities, and the potential for her to also wrestle on "NXT" remains a topic of interest and speculation. Overall, the overwhelmingly positive reception to Dominik Mysterio's milestone victory, coupled with the adept utilization of main roster talent, has breathed new life into WWE's "NXT" brand.

As the company enters a crucial contract negotiation period, these recent gains bode well for the show's future trajectory, and with continued strategic planning and talent crossovers, "NXT" is well-positioned to ascend to even greater heights in the competitive wrestling landscape.

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