Tyler Breeze Sets the Record Straight on WWE Ties, Hints at Potential AEW Move


Tyler Breeze Sets the Record Straight on WWE Ties, Hints at Potential AEW Move

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze finds himself in a unique position within the wrestling world, navigating a path between two prominent promotions while running a wrestling school alongside AEW's Shawn Spears. In a recent "Lazy Booking" interview, Breeze shed light on his current status and clarified his relationship with WWE.

Despite rumors suggesting that Breeze is a regular trainer at the WWE Performance Center, he clarified that he only participates in guest coaching from time to time. Nevertheless, his connections within the company remain strong, and he maintains a positive relationship with WWE and its trainers.

Additionally, Breeze continues to be affiliated with WWE through his appearances on "UpUpDownDown," where he remains on the payroll.

Openness to Full-Time Return

When asked about a potential full-time return to professional wrestling, Breeze expressed openness but emphasized taking things at his own pace.

While he isn't actively seeking a new wrestling venture, he acknowledges his youth, athleticism, and passion for the sport, leaving the door open for the right opportunity. Timing, he believes, is crucial in determining any future move.

Regarding his current endeavors, Breeze has been dedicated to running a wrestling school alongside Shawn Spears, investing his time and knowledge into nurturing the next generation of wrestling talent. He enjoys his current role and appreciates the various opportunities that have come his way, not wanting to rush into any major decisions.

Breeze is content with his ongoing projects and is eager to explore new avenues without forcing anything to happen. Recently, Breeze made headlines when he returned to in-ring action, competing in Tennessee and capturing the Next Generation: Tennessee Championship after a two-year hiatus.

The victory marked a triumphant comeback for the talented wrestler, showcasing that he still possesses the skills and determination that made him a beloved figure in the industry. As Breeze progresses in his wrestling school and explores other projects, fans are undoubtedly curious about the possibility of seeing him in an AEW ring.

While he doesn't rule out the idea and remains open to whatever the future holds, he maintains a sense of contentment with his current state of affairs. For now, Tyler Breeze's journey in the world of wrestling continues to evolve, with a blend of coaching, teaching, and occasional in-ring appearances.

His dedication to nurturing new talent and his willingness to embrace new opportunities keep fans eagerly watching for what the future holds for this versatile and passionate wrestler.

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