Discussing Future Commentary Roles: Samoa Joe Shares His Thoughts

Delving into Samoa Joe's unexpected journey as a commentator.

by Noman Rasool
Discussing Future Commentary Roles: Samoa Joe Shares His Thoughts

The prominent wrestling figure Samoa Joe, renowned predominantly for his exceptional in-ring prowess, stepped into an unexpected phase of his career as he took on a commentary role between 2019 and 2021 for WWE. His shift behind the microphone, a result of a hiatus due to injuries, was an experience Joe confessed to being a wild card in his professional journey during his recent interview with "Under The Ring." With no formal training in broadcasting, Samoa Joe embarked on a path filled with new learning curves.

"My experience with broadcasting was minimal before stepping into this role," Joe explained. "It was a case of learning on the fly, observing and adapting in real-time to the broadcasting dynamics within the fast-paced world of WWE.

Given the limited time to adjust, it was challenging, but we navigated those waters successfully. The whole ride was quite exhilarating."

"Samoa Joe's Commentary Highlights"

Samoa Joe thrived in this new venture, creating some remarkable moments.

His standout moment, arguably, was his undeterred commentary stint during a torrential downpour at WrestleMania 37, donned in a cape. However, what truly captivated Joe about this role was not just the moments but the broader scope of the job.

"The commentary desk provided me an alternate platform to contribute to the storytelling in wrestling. It allowed me to narrate the struggles and triumphs of my peers, people I deeply respect and wish to see succeed," Joe expressed.

"That opportunity was both fun and incredibly fulfilling." Meanwhile, other wrestling promotions like AEW have been actively encouraging their in-ring talents to venture into broadcasting, offering individuals like Chris Jericho and Paul Wight opportunities to expand their skills in the commentary booth.

As for Joe's potential return to the commentary realm, he maintains a candid perspective. He said with a touch of humor, "My career trajectory has been so unpredictable, dynamic, and downright wild, I've learned it's better not to make guesses about the future.

For now, I'm just enjoying the thrill of the ride." This uncertainty is manageable for Joe. On the contrary, it adds to the excitement of his diverse and ever-evolving career, maintaining his passion for the unpredictable world of professional wrestling.

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