AEW Collision Opens Exciting Opportunities for Roster, Britt Baker Claims


AEW Collision Opens Exciting Opportunities for Roster, Britt Baker Claims

In a recent episode of "Not Just Football," hosted by Cam Heyward, All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) superstar, and former women's champion, Britt Baker, opened up about her experiences and the broad spectrum of opportunities the company's latest program, Collision, offers to its talent roster.

She provided a vibrant commentary on the benefits of this new platform for AEW wrestlers. The acclaimed AEW star expressed her delight at Collision's fresh opportunities, particularly the invaluable on-air exposure it affords to the abundant talent within the organization.

According to Baker, the new platform is particularly beneficial in light of the company's extensive roster of outstanding wrestlers. "We have such a vast roster filled with the best talent from around the globe. It's just wonderful to have Collision to give these talents more air time," she shared.

She explains this is essential as it provides an even larger stage to showcase the skills of an already stacked roster, something that the team is still getting accustomed to.

Baker Discusses AEW's Flexible Roster

Baker's candid conversation further focused on the fluidity of talent rotation across the AEW shows.

"It's not like a strict brand division," she explained, contrasting with WWE's Raw and SmackDown operations. The plans for this potential division within AEW still need to be determined. Regardless, Baker expresses enthusiasm for the possible pathways the company's current trajectory could open up.

AEW's growth trajectory is remarkable, given its relative newcomer status in professional wrestling. "It's just incredible," Baker stated, "We've only been on TV for a handful of years, yet we've managed to launch three shows in such a short span." The expansion of AEW into multiple shows indicates the network's faith in the company's potential.

From its inception four years ago, AEW has significantly impacted the professional wrestling landscape, providing an alternative platform for wrestlers worldwide. The launch of Collision is the latest testament to the brand's ever-growing popularity and ambition, a fact underscored by Britt Baker's insightful interview.

The arrival of Collision is a clear sign that AEW continues to challenge the traditional conventions of wrestling shows with a firm commitment to creating diverse and expansive opportunities for its roster.

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