Eric Bischoff Reveals His Take on WWE Invasion Angle Booking


Eric Bischoff Reveals His Take on WWE Invasion Angle Booking

In a recent episode of his podcast, "83 Weeks," former wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff delved into his perspective on the infamous WWE Invasion storyline of 2001, articulating its missteps and proposing his alternative booking.

Bischoff analogized the acquisition of WCW talent to a purchase of the WWE brand, with only NXT prospects onboard, highlighting the missing core WCW characters like Sting, Ric Flair, and the Steiner Brothers at the Invasion's inception.

He criticized WWE for assuming that audience loyalty was to the brand's three-letter moniker rather than the distinct talent that defined WCW. Bischoff drew parallels with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's impactful WCW debut in 1996, citing the riveting, unfolding narrative that kept audiences captivated.

Conversely, he derided the Invasion for its haphazard approach to storylines, labeling it a "wrestling version of throwing s**t against the wall and seeing if it sticks."

Bischoff Declined Invasion Participation

Interestingly, Bischoff disclosed that he was offered a role in the Invasion angle, but timing constraints made him decline the offer, not out of resentment but practicality.

The wrestling veteran argued that a more patient approach to the Invasion would have been beneficial, given the unavailability of key WCW players at that time. He posited that with additional time, negotiation skills, and financial incentives, key figures like Sting could have been part of the mix.

He noted that the perception of unfavorable treatment towards WCW talent transitioning to WWE would have been the primary obstacle in these negotiations, rather than financial considerations. Bischoff expanded on this, envisaging a scenario where securing an "anchor" like Sting could have triggered a domino effect, attracting the likes of Lex Luger and the Steiner Brothers.

This would have made the Invasion feel more authentic to the audience. Offering insight into how he would have curated the storyline, Bischoff indicated he would have planned his main event three months ahead and built momentum towards it.

He criticized Booker T's entrance into WWE as lacking believability and depth, stating that he would have taken time to establish the motivations behind Sting's arrival. Bischoff envisions a narrative where a beloved WCW face finally gets an opportunity in WWE, only to be sabotaged by WWE villains.

This would pave the way for Sting's intervention, with Shane McMahon supporting Sting's stance, thus giving the Invasion a compelling reason and direction. Admitting that his proposed scenario isn't perfect, Bischoff believes it at least brings coherence and rationale to the Invasion storyline.

Had he been presented with a well-structured premise, he asserts he would have relished being part of such an angle, deeming it potentially enjoyable to work on.

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