WWE Baron Corbin: 'Drowning' in JBL Partnership

Baron Corbin's WWE journey takes an unexpected turn.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Baron Corbin: 'Drowning' in JBL Partnership

Baron Corbin's WWE journey took a challenging turn when he was paired with JBL in October 2022, leading to the transformation of his persona from the "Happy" moniker to "The Modern Day Wrestling God." However, the partnership proved to be ill-fated, and JBL dropped Corbin in February of the following year.

Speaking candidly with Corey Graves on "After the Bell," Corbin opened up about the genuine concern he felt during that tumultuous period. For someone who had experienced consistent success in his career, Corbin found himself in a rare predicament.

Reflecting on a particular promo segment involving multiple individuals, he admitted, "There was a sense of panic there for me because everything I had done up until then had worked. I've had one promo in my career where I was in the ring in the middle of it going, 'There's nothing that is going to make this good,' and it was a segment with multiple people, and I felt the crowd just going 'Dude, like this is not good,' and you feel it in your gut."

Corbin's 'Drowning' Turnaround

Describing the experience as feeling like he was drowning, Corbin likened it to being stranded in the ocean, awaiting an impending shark attack.

However, it was during this challenging phase that the opportunity to join "NXT" presented itself, and Corbin seized it with enthusiasm, exclaiming, "Hell yes, let's go, let's go down there and do this." Following the WWE Draft in May, Corbin found himself as a free agent, able to transition between brands.

His appearances on "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" resulted in losses to Bobby Lashley and Butch, respectively. However, his fortunes improved when he returned to "WWE NXT," engaging in a compelling title program with Carmelo Hayes.

A significant victory against Ilja Dragunov earned him the coveted title shot, although he was unable to clinch the championship at "Gold Rush." Nonetheless, Corbin cherished his time in "NXT," reveling in the excitement of his title feud and the nostalgic return to his iconic 'Lone Wolf' character.

He was also pleased with the impressive social media engagement, particularly considering it was only for his entrance. Despite facing moments of doubt and uncertainty, Baron Corbin's journey through WWE has been one of growth and resilience.

Embracing new challenges and opportunities, he has proven his adaptability and commitment to delivering captivating performances for the WWE Universe. As the wrestling world continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the next chapter in Corbin's enduring career.

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