Seth Rollins Hails Dave Meltzer as Historian, Dismisses Match Ratings as Silly


Seth Rollins Hails Dave Meltzer as Historian, Dismisses Match Ratings as Silly
Seth Rollins Hails Dave Meltzer as Historian, Dismisses Match Ratings as Silly

Seth Rollins, the esteemed World Heavyweight Champion of "WWE Raw," continues to soar in his career, captivating fans with well-received matches and a fully revitalized character following his previous, contentious feud with The Fiend in 2019.

Recently, Rollins made an appearance on "IMPAULSIVE" as a guest of Logan Paul, where he delved into the intriguing topic of match ratings and offered praise for Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer as a historian, even as he questioned the significance of match ratings.

During the podcast, co-host Mike Majilak highlighted Rollins' recent string of highly-rated matches, prompting a discussion about match ratings and the weight accorded to Meltzer's personal star ratings. Rollins was quick to acknowledge Dave Meltzer's longstanding presence in the industry and hailed him as a great historian, recognizing his deep connection to the wrestling world over many years.

Rollins' Insight on Match Ratings

However, Rollins also raised a valid point about the subjective nature of match ratings. He pointed out that even legendary wrestlers like Kurt Angle may not have received five-star ratings from Meltzer, despite being considered among the greatest of all time.

Match ratings, according to Rollins, are a matter of personal opinion and can't always capture the true essence of a wrestling match's quality. To shed light on the origin of wrestling newsletter culture, which gave rise to publications like Wrestling Observer, Rollins explained that information often leaks from various sources within the industry.

This dissemination of information can make it challenging to protect confidential details in the wrestling world. Furthermore, Rollins expressed his belief that the concept of match ratings is somewhat arbitrary. He emphasized that if a match is undeniably good, it doesn't need a rating to validate its excellence.

Appreciating the subjective nature of entertainment, he asserted that people can discern for themselves whether something is enjoyable or not. Majilak added that modern audiences tend to engage more in rating entertainment and products, contributing to the hype surrounding Meltzer's star ratings.

As wrestling enthusiasts passionately debate and discuss these ratings, they have taken on a life of their own in the wrestling community.

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