Tyler Breeze Sets the Record Straight on WWE Ties, Opens Up About Potential AEW Move


Tyler Breeze Sets the Record Straight on WWE Ties, Opens Up About Potential AEW Move

Tyler Breeze, the former WWE Superstar, finds himself in an interesting position these days. While he may no longer be a part of WWE's active roster, he remains connected to the company in various capacities. Notably, Breeze is currently involved in running a wrestling school alongside AEW's Shawn Spears.

Moreover, he occasionally participates as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center, showcasing his continued ties to the organization. During a recent interview on "Lazy Booking," Breeze shed light on his relationship with WWE and the Performance Center.

He clarified that he is not a full-time coach at the PC, but rather contributes as a guest coach from time to time. This involvement has led to speculation about his future in the wrestling world, with fans and media curious if he might make a comeback to the squared circle.

Tyler Breeze's Cautious Approach to Wrestling Return

Addressing the subject of a potential return to professional wrestling, Breeze spoke cautiously, indicating that he is not retired and remains open to possibilities. Despite being young and in great shape, he emphasized that he is not actively pursuing a full-time wrestling career at the moment.

If the right opportunity arises at the right time, he would be interested, but he is content with his current ventures. Aside from his work as a coach and trainer, Breeze has recently taken part in wrestling matches as well.

Notably, he secured a victory in Tennessee, defeating Matt Cross and capturing the Next Generation: Tennessee Championship in July. This win marked Breeze's first in-ring appearance in two years, indicating that he still possesses the skills and passion for wrestling.

As Breeze continues to explore new opportunities in the wrestling industry, he seems to be content with the balance he has achieved between his coaching responsibilities and occasional in-ring appearances. His positive relationship with WWE and the Performance Center has allowed him to stay connected to the wrestling world, even if he is no longer a full-time WWE Superstar.

For now, Breeze remains open to whatever the future holds, be it a potential return to a major promotion like AEW or other opportunities that may arise. With his passion for the sport and the experience he brings, wrestling fans can look forward to seeing Tyler Breeze make an impact in the industry, no matter which path he chooses to follow.

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