Talk of WWE Bringing New Jack for John Cena Storyline - Bruce Prichard Reveals


Talk of WWE Bringing New Jack for John Cena Storyline - Bruce Prichard Reveals

In a throwback to WWE's past, Bruce Prichard, a prominent figure in the company, recently confirmed long-standing rumors about a potential storyline involving controversial ECW legend New Jack and WWE superstar John Cena.

This revelation harkens back to a pivotal moment in Cena's career during his second reign as the WWE United States Champion. During that time, Cena engaged in a high-stakes best-of-five series against Booker T, culminating in a dramatic showdown at No Mercy 2004, where Cena emerged victorious and successfully retained his coveted title.

However, the following week saw an unexpected twist when Cena dropped the championship to a newcomer, Carlito. This surprising turn of events was the catalyst for a controversial angle that would send shockwaves through the WWE universe.

As part of the storyline, Cena found himself entangled in a dangerous confrontation at a Boston nightclub, where he was attacked and stabbed in the kidney by Carlito's menacing bodyguard, Jesús. This brutal assault resulted in Cena's temporary absence from WWE programming, leaving fans in suspense about his fate.

New Jack Considered as Cena's Assailant

Interestingly, it was during this turbulent period that WWE allegedly considered bringing in New Jack to play the role of Cena's assailant. Prichard confirmed the talks surrounding the notorious ECW figure, but he also revealed that the idea never progressed far due to New Jack's notorious reputation for unpredictability.

Even Paul Heyman, who had worked closely with New Jack during their time in ECW, expressed reservations about introducing the controversial wrestler to the WWE scene. Despite the uproar surrounding Cena's loss to Carlito, Prichard defended the booking decision, emphasizing that Cena had already begun to establish himself as a formidable and beloved figure among fans.

The loss provided a platform to elevate Carlito as a new talent, as defeating a prominent superstar like Cena immediately propelled him into the spotlight. Looking back on this pivotal moment in WWE history, it is clear that the company navigated a delicate balancing act between crafting compelling storylines and managing the potential repercussions of controversial choices.

While New Jack's involvement in the Cena-Carlito narrative ultimately remained a mere rumor, the episode serves as a reminder of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the professional wrestling industry, where bold decisions can shape careers and leave a lasting impact on fans and performers alike.

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