Kurt Angle on Extreme Wrestling Weapons


Kurt Angle on Extreme Wrestling Weapons

Kurt Angle, a legendary figure in professional wrestling, has always been known for his exceptional wrestling abilities and his impressive background in freestyle wrestling. Throughout his illustrious 20-plus-year career, Angle achieved remarkable success, becoming a six-time world champion in both WWE and TNA.

While hardcore-style wrestling has its place in the industry, Angle's focus remained on pure wrestling, and he was never particularly fond of using various weapons during his matches.

Kurt Angle Rejects Hardcore Wrestling

In a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," the former champion candidly expressed his reservations about incorporating weapons like barbed wire, ladders, chairs, and tables into his matches.

He firmly stated, "Nope, don't want to do anything with barbed wire. No ladders, no chairs, no tables, no gimmicks. I want to straight-up wrestle." The humorous exchange with co-host Paul Bromwell led to a mention of thumbtacks, to which Angle revealed that he did encounter a match involving them, but he wisely chose not to be the one taking the painful hit.

"I didn't take it, Christian did," Angle clarified. "I would never take that. No, no. I'm not stupid." A pivotal moment in Angle's career was his championship match against Mick Foley at Victory Road in 2009, where barbed wire came into play.

A video package of this match was shown during the podcast, underscoring the physical risks Angle took in his career. The Olympic gold medalist acknowledged the truth in those claims, admitting, "Yeah I was, man. I put everything on the line." Interestingly, Angle stated that he believes his tenure in TNA Wrestling was, in some ways, even more fulfilling than his time in WWE.

This bold assertion was a testament to the fact that he took more risks and explored different avenues in TNA, pushing the boundaries of his performances. Both WWE and TNA recognized Kurt Angle's immense contributions to the wrestling world by inducting him into their respective Hall of Fames.

While his pure wrestling approach and reluctance towards hardcore-style wrestling set him apart, Angle's ability to captivate audiences and deliver unforgettable matches solidified his status as one of the sport's all-time greats.

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