Ric Flair Talks Steve McMichael & 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

Ric Flair advocates for fellow wrestler's Hall of Fame induction amidst health battle.

by Noman Rasool
Ric Flair Talks Steve McMichael & 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class

In a heartfelt interview with Fox News Digital Media, legendary WWE wrestler Ric Flair passionately voiced his support for his dear friend and former Chicago Bears player turned World Championship Wrestling (WCW) wrestler, Steve "Mongo" McMichael, advocating for his induction into the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2024.

Flair's unwavering belief in McMichael's worthiness for this accolade was evident as he made a poignant plea to the Hall of Fame committee, pointing out that the deadline for consideration is July 27. The wrestling icon highlighted that McMichael's gridiron achievements stack up impressively against other inductees, specifically mentioning Warren Sapp, stating, "He's got better numbers than Warren Sapp.

I don't get it."

McMichael's ALS Battle Raises Concerns

Expressing both frustration and genuine concern, Flair also drew attention to McMichael's ongoing battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a devastating condition he was diagnosed with in April 2021.

The wrestling luminary questioned why the committee hesitates to honor a player of McMichael's caliber, given his exceptional contributions to the sport. Flair's connection with McMichael traces back to their days in WCW when the latter became a pivotal member of Flair's legendary faction, The Four Horsemen, in 1996.

A notable moment etched in wrestling history was when McMichael dramatically turned on his fellow pro football player, Kevin Greene, during a memorable bout against Flair and Arn Anderson. Even after The Four Horsemen disbanded in 1997, Flair reunited the faction in September 1998, and McMichael remained a loyal member until his last match with WCW on March 6, 1999.

Recently, Flair has become an unwavering pillar of support for McMichael and his family amidst the challenging times. He shared how Misty, McMichael's wife, calls him daily, seeking his assistance in getting Steve into the Hall of Fame.

While Flair has already taken to social media to spread the word, he expressed his concerns, saying, "'I don't know what more I can do.' " The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2024 selection process involves committee members submitting a list of 12 potential inductees on July 27.

A final vote will then be cast from this list on August 22, as the senior committee narrows down the candidates to potentially three inductees for the prestigious Class of 2024. As the deadline looms, Ric Flair's impassioned plea for Steve McMichael's induction highlights the former football player and wrestler's profound impact and lasting legacy.

The wrestling community, football fans, and supporters worldwide eagerly await the committee's decision, hoping to witness the rightful recognition of a remarkable athlete and human being.

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