Claudio Castagnoli credits Blackpool Combat Club for improving The Elite


Claudio Castagnoli credits Blackpool Combat Club for improving The Elite

Claudio Castagnoli has provided an insightful explanation for the positive impact of the Blackpool Combat Club on The Elite, shedding light on their intense feud that has unfolded over several months. For quite some time, the Blackpool Combat Club, comprising Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta, has been engaged in a heated rivalry with The Elite's formidable lineup featuring Kenny Omega, "Hangman" Adam Page, and The Young Bucks, Matt & Nick Jackson.

The feud traces back to the profoundly personal animosity between Moxley and Page, leading to Page's return to The Elite after years of separation. The tension climaxed in a riveting Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing in May, where the Blackpool Combat Club secured a victory after Konosuke Takeshita betrayed The Elite.

The rivalry persisted over two months, culminating in an epic showdown on AEW Dynamite known as Blood & Guts. During the intense double cage encounter, Claudio Castagnoli spearheaded the Blackpool Combat Club's efforts against The Elite, represented by Kenny Omega.

The battle raged for an astonishing 51 minutes, with The Elite emerging victorious after BCC's Pac and Takeshita abandoned their team. As Page utilized a chain to choke Yuta, Moxley quit to save his friend.

Unfilmed Handshake Marks Rivalry's End

After the event, Kenny Omega delivered a post-match promo, wherein The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club symbolically shook hands, signifying the conclusion of their fierce rivalry.

Claudio Castagnoli expressed regret that this decisive moment wasn't televised, emphasizing the unparalleled experience of witnessing such events live. Castagnoli lauded the brutal spectacle of the Blood & Guts Match, noting that it met and exceeded expectations.

He praised the Blackpool Combat Club for bringing out the best in The Elite through their intense and physical style, asserting that despite losing the battle, they emerged victorious in the war by pushing The Elite to new heights.

The absence of Bryan Danielson, recovering from a broken arm, was acknowledged as potentially impacting the dynamic of the match. However, Castagnoli highlighted their collective efforts in immersing the audience in the in-ring drama.

Following his remarkable performance in the Blood & Guts Match, Claudio Castagnoli further solidified his reign as ROH World Champion by defeating Pac at the Death Before Dishonor PPV. In conclusion, the fiery feud between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite has not only delivered captivating entertainment but also elevated The Elite's prowess, thanks to their formidable adversaries' intensity and physicality.

The emotional rollercoaster of rivalries, triumphs, and alliances showcased the essence of professional wrestling, leaving fans yearning for more electrifying moments that can only be experienced in the heart of live events.

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