Samoa Joe remembers chicken eating contest with young John Cena

Pro wrestling veterans share hilarious backstage food challenge

by Noman Rasool
Samoa Joe remembers chicken eating contest with young John Cena

In the early days of their pro wrestling careers, a memorable tale unfolded involving two rising stars, John Cena and Samoa Joe. Their journey began at Ultimate Pro Wrestling in California nearly a quarter of a century ago.

The camaraderie they shared in those formative years is captured in photographs and videos, showcasing the two legends training side by side. As time passed, John Cena ascended to become one of the most iconic WWE superstars, while Samoa Joe carved his path, securing the Ring of Honor and TNA/Impact World Championships before joining WWE in 2015.

Although he achieved notable success within the company, he never clinched the prestigious WWE World Champion title. Fans often yearned for a high-profile feud between Cena and Joe, driven by their shared history. While they engaged in some enthralling matches at live events and tag team competitions on television, a solo showdown between Samoa Joe and John Cena on WWE TV eluded them—a missed opportunity that left fans eager for more.

In a recent interview on the popular Doughboys podcast, Samoa Joe fondly recollected an amusing incident from their early days. It was a late-night, post-wrestling show affair, and Cena, Frankie Kazarian, and a few others stayed at Joe's place for the night.

Joe's father, an exemplary host, whipped up a delightful midnight snack—a heaping pan of succulent chicken breasts. With hunger and camaraderie fueling them, the boys gathered around the trays of grilled chicken and began to feast.

Cena and Kazarian, seemingly possessed by an insatiable appetite for chicken, engaged in an impromptu chicken-eating competition. Two sheet trays brimming with grilled chicken lay before them, and the duo went at it, one piece after another, in a fierce yet hilarious duel.

Fierce Chicken-Eating Duel Ensues!

Amidst laughter and good-natured rivalry, they consumed the first tray, prompting Joe's astonishment as his father swiftly prepared a second batch. The contest continued, with both men determined to outdo the other.

Faces inches apart, they fervently shoveled chicken into their mouths, each refusing to back down. As the trays emptied, it became apparent that Joe's father had underestimated the chicken-consuming prowess of these young athletes.

Finally, as the last piece was devoured and the plates lay bare, the contest came to a draw. Cena and Kazarian had consumed an astounding amount of chicken, a feat that amazed all witnesses. Each had eaten an estimated six pounds or more, leaving Joe's dad in awe of their impressive appetites and undying competitive spirit.

This lighthearted yet endearing tale is a testament to the enduring friendship and camaraderie that blossomed between John Cena and Samoa Joe during their early years in professional wrestling—a memory etched forever in the annals of their legendary careers.

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