Alicia Fox Exits WWE After 17 Years, Expresses Relief

Reflecting on her WWE tenure, Alicia Fox shares candid emotions.

by Noman Rasool
Alicia Fox Exits WWE After 17 Years, Expresses Relief

In a recent revelation, long-standing WWE star Alicia Fox detailed her emotions surrounding her departure from the wrestling world. After a tenure that lasted an impressive 17 years, Fox's exit from the WWE was met with a sense of relief rather than the typical sadness or disappointment one might expect.

When Fox learned her time with the company was coming to a close, her immediate reaction was far from that of shock or sorrow. "I was relieved, and I'm still fully accepting it. It's not about the company, but rather the burden of spending 17 consecutive years in the same role and routine," Fox expressed.

WWE Tenure: A Familial Journey

Fox's stint at WWE was not just a career but a significant chapter of her life - a time she compared to the growth and connection one would have with a family. The uncertainty of the job, not knowing if one will ever be shown the exit, was a constant undercurrent throughout her career.

Fox also opened up about the immense pressure the WWE lifestyle places on its performers, the necessity for physical perfection, and the constant relentlessness required to meet such high standards. This pressure, she said, has gradually started to lift since her departure, leading her to feel "lighter and lighter in my heart, in my soul" each day.

While undeniably exciting, her life in the WWE eventually became monotonous and uninteresting due to the relentless chase for perfection and the championship title. Even her time outside the wrestling ring was intertwined with her WWE persona, and it took significant effort to shed this identity when she wasn't performing.

In a poignant reflection on her journey, Fox admitted, "It's bizarre only because in that lifestyle, if you're conditioned just to go, be perfect, be the champion, that got to a point where I didn't find my life interesting.

It was bleak." Her experience offers an intimate look at the demands and expectations of a WWE wrestler's life beyond the glitz and glamor of the ring. Separating her identity from her character continues to be challenging, but Fox seems poised to take on this new chapter of her life with the same vigor she showed in the ring.

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