Tiffany Stratton: NXT Spotlights Women's Division Better than WWE Main Roster

Stratton spotlights NXT's rising female stars and their promising future.

by Noman Rasool
Tiffany Stratton: NXT Spotlights Women's Division Better than WWE Main Roster

NXT Women's Champion, Tiffany Stratton, sat down for an extensive conversation with TV Insider, during which she openly shared her viewpoint on the degree of prominence that the NXT women's division receives, particularly when juxtaposed with their WWE main roster counterparts.

The chat yielded several noteworthy insights. Stratton enthusiastically commended the NXT women's division, expressing her conviction that it outshines those of Raw and SmackDown. "When considering NXT, it is undeniable that our women's division is a significant focal point.

I genuinely believe that our division stands superior to those of Raw and SmackDown," she stated. The champion elucidated her reasoning, highlighting that NXT's commitment to promoting female talents is considerably more apparent.

She said, "Raw and SmackDown do not seem to prioritize their women's divisions to the same extent. At NXT, we are fortunate to have an undeniable spotlight on us."

Stratton Foresees NXT Domination Soon

Stratton proudly mentioned the impressive young talents that form the backbone of the NXT women's division, naming Thea Hail, Roxanne Perez, and Cora Jade, aged 19, 21, and 22, respectively.

She confidently predicted a bright future for NXT's female roster, foreseeing their potential domination of Raw and SmackDown within three to four years. When the topic shifted to potential future pursuits, Stratton excitedly revealed her interest in exploring the world of acting.

Her dream, she shared, is to bring a badass action-heroine to life on screen, using her physicality in an exhilarating way. "My ultimate fantasy would be portraying an action-packed superhero who performs breathtaking flips.

Something akin to Wonder Woman," she confessed. Stratton, a self-proclaimed Wonder Woman fanatic, even revealed that she once donned the Amazonian warrior's iconic costume for Halloween. In her conversation with TV Insider, Tiffany Stratton praised the NXT women's division. She unveiled her lofty aspirations for future domination o

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