Booker T Equates Rising WWE Talent with 'A Young Miz'

Explore Booker T's impressions on rising WWE star, Grayson Waller.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Equates Rising WWE Talent with 'A Young Miz'

The breakout WWE star, Grayson Waller, has been making waves in professional wrestling. In recent times, Waller has been in the limelight, contending with seasoned pros like Edge and sharing promo segments with John Cena. The spotlight has undeniably been on this former "WWE NXT" star.

In the latest edition of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, wrestling legend Booker T drew parallels between Waller and an early-career Miz. "Waller unmistakably echoes a young Miz," Booker T articulated. "His eloquent speaking ability and adequate wrestling skills surpass my standards.

But his most striking quality is his star power. He possesses a natural charisma that magnetically pulls audiences into a love-hate relationship."

"Booker T Applauds Waller's Maturity"

Having witnessed Waller's skills during his tenure on the NXT brand, Booker T, a five-time WCW Champion, was not taken aback by the opportunities Waller is currently relishing.

He expressed confidence in Waller's ability to seize these opportunities and navigate the associated pressures. "He has shown the maturity to hold his own on the main roster. I thought he seamlessly integrated himself there," Booker T added.

"I'm not surprised by his current positioning... His performance against Edge was commendable, and the way he carries himself, from his dialogue delivery to his overall demeanor, is truly exemplary. I haven't spotted a single misstep in Waller's approach thus far." Furthermore, Booker T speculated that Waller would only enjoy his current successes if respected figures like Edge and Cena were willing to share the ring with him.

This highlights the trust and confidence already instilled in him by fellow professionals. This burgeoning WWE star's meteoric rise echoes the early career of The Miz, a testament to his potential. As Grayson Waller continues to make his mark in the wrestling world, guided by the support and faith of the industry's stalwarts, audiences eagerly await the heights he will reach in his promising career.

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