Matt Cardona Flaunts WWE Women's Tag Team Title Replica at DDT Pro Event

Matt Cardona's Recent Exploits Ignite Wrestling World!

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Cardona Flaunts WWE Women's Tag Team Title Replica at DDT Pro Event

Despite his absence from this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), Matt Cardona, the renowned professional wrestler, left Japan with an exclusive and unique item: the DDT Pro Universal Championship. While this achievement is impressive in itself, it was another title around his waist that caught the attention of the wrestling community this past weekend.

Notably, Cardona's wife, Chelsea Green, and partner Sonya Deville had recently won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships from Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez on "WWE Raw." Embracing his comedic side, Cardona humorously referred to himself as "half of half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions." True to his character, Cardona fully embraced this tongue-in-cheek persona, and Fightful reports revealed that he appeared at DDT Wrestle Peter Pan with Green's WWE Women's Tag Team Title replica proudly fastened around his waist.

In an exciting turn of events, Cardona achieved victory over Tetsuya Endo (with an assist from Steph De Lander) and secured DDT Pro's prestigious championship, adding yet another accolade to his illustrious career. Meanwhile, Green herself joined several other wrestling luminaries such as Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, and Mick Foley at the SDCC, where she showcased the real WWE Women's Tag Team Title, confirming that Cardona's possession was indeed a replica.

With her genuine title held high, Green assured fans that the original belt remains safe in her hands.

Intense Rivalry Sparks Epic Showdown

However, Cardona's focus was quickly redirected as his GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) rival, Maki Itoh, issued a challenge via the arena screens.

The fiery confrontation led to the announcement that the epic showdown between Cardona and Itoh would take place on September 24, 2023, at Tokyo's legendary Korakuen Hall. The stakes were further raised when it was revealed that Steph De Lander would be in Cardona's corner for his first title defense, potentially setting the stage for a thrilling encounter between the two rivals.

Fans are eagerly speculating whether Itoh will extend an invitation to her partner, the hardcore icon Nick Gage, to provide backup during the momentous match. The anticipation is building, and it remains to be seen if "MDK All Day" will transcend time zones this fall.

In conclusion, Matt Cardona's antics at DDT Wrestle Peter Pan, donning the WWE Women's Tag Team Title replica, created quite the stir in the professional wrestling community. With his upcoming high-stakes title defense against Maki Itoh, fans can expect an electrifying showdown that may have far-reaching implications for Cardona's future in the sport.

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