Bully Ray Captivated by WWE Raw's Viking Rules Match


Bully Ray Captivated by WWE Raw's Viking Rules Match
Bully Ray Captivated by WWE Raw's Viking Rules Match

In a thrilling episode of "WWE Raw," The Viking Raiders clashed with Alpha Academy in a highly anticipated Viking Rules Match, leaving spectators, including WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, thoroughly entertained. Bully Ray, known for his expertise and passion for professional wrestling, recently shared his thoughts on the captivating encounter during an appearance on "Busted Open Radio." Bully Ray couldn't contain his excitement as the match unfolded, exclaiming, "The Viking Raiders and Alpha Academy put the 'entertainment' in 'sports entertainment.'

What a fun match!" The hall of Famer was visibly on the edge of his seat throughout, thoroughly enjoying the impeccable execution and in-ring chemistry displayed by both teams. One heartwarming moment that touched Bully Ray's wrestling soul was when Otis of Alpha Academy paid tribute to The Dudley Boyz by shouting, "Coach Gable, get the tables!" This nod to wrestling history brought back fond memories for Bully, a pivotal member of The Dudley Boyz, renowned for their iconic table-smashing moves.

Fearless Resilience: Valhalla's Spectacular Spear

A highlight of the match came when Valhalla of The Viking Raiders delivered a spectacular spear through a table, expertly targeting Maxxine Dupri from Alpha Academy. Bully Ray praised Maxxine's resilience, likening her to another WWE Hall of Famer, Stacy Keibler, whom he famously put through a table.

According to Bully, both women exemplify the true spirit of professional wrestling, fearlessly embracing high-impact moves without hesitation. Reflecting on the encounter, Bully Ray emphasized the entertainment value and expressed his appreciation for spotlighting teams that often do not receive enough attention.

"Unfortunately, they don't do a lot with them often," he acknowledged, referring to The Viking Raiders and Alpha Academy. Last year, The Viking Raiders faced a hiatus from TV due to an undisclosed foot issue affecting Erik.

However, their triumphant return to the ring showcased their enduring prowess as former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. Meanwhile, Alpha Academy's recent addition of Maxxine Dupri added a new dimension to their dynamic, following a heated rivalry with the Maxximum Male Models.

The Viking Raiders emerged victorious in a grand finale, executing a thunderous Double Powerbomb to secure the win over Alpha Academy. This exciting showdown satisfied fans and wrestling veterans like Bully Ray. With an array of unforgettable moments and skillful performances, the Viking Rules Match on "WWE Raw" proved to be a thrilling spectacle that reinforced the beauty of professional wrestling.

As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in these teams' journeys, Bully Ray's enthusiastic praise serves as a testament to the magic and excitement that only WWE can deliver.

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