WWE's Conundrum with Alexa Bliss

Exploring Alexa Bliss's hiatus and her anticipated WWE comeback.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Conundrum with Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss, the five-time world champion, has not graced WWE TV since her appearance at the Royal Rumble event earlier this year. After battling it out with then-RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair in an electrifying title match, she took a temporary leave of absence from the ring, sparking speculations and piquing fan interest.

Initially, there were strong indications of Bliss rejuvenating her alliance with Bray Wyatt, the former WWE Champion. However, her maternity leave alongside Wyatt's sudden disappearance due to an undisclosed health issue placed all potential narratives on hold.

Bliss's Return: Filling the Void

Undeniably, Bliss continues to enjoy immense popularity within the WWE Universe. However, her hiatus saw WWE fill the gap she left in the Women's division. The anticipation around how she will fit into the reshaped wrestling landscape upon her return adds an intriguing twist to her narrative.

During a post-show press conference, Bray Wyatt, who himself last wrestled at the Rumble, opened up about his connection with Bliss. He stated, "I feel like me and Alexa are just kind of connected forever, no matter what...there will be something at some point, and it will be memorable, I'm sure of that." This comment ignited speculation about a potential WWE plan involving Wyatt, Bliss, and another recently released star.

With that possibility dwindling, it raises questions about the future trajectory of Bliss, a renowned champion and one of the Women's division's pivotal characters for the past decade. Notably, she earned accolades as the inaugural winner of the Women's Elimination Chamber and Ms.

Money in the Bank in 2018. While her program with Belair stirred mixed emotions among fans, the landscape now features a host of hugely popular superstars. This raises the question - is there room for Alexa Bliss at the top of the card? On a related note, Bliss's association with Bray Wyatt on TV has been a significant point of discussion among WWE enthusiasts.

Their storyline culminated in Bliss's unexpected turn on The Fiend during WrestleMania 37's opening contest, which was largely seen as perplexing. Furthermore, WWE's decision not to develop this storyline disappointed many fans, and soon after, Wyatt parted ways with the company.

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