Tony Khan broke his own rule for a recent brutal match

Tony Khan's Bold Move Creates Buzz in Wrestling Community

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan broke his own rule for a recent brutal match

AEW's CEO, Tony Khan, made a surprising exception to his company's usual policy, allowing a brutal match between two stars outside of AEW's confines. Although blood-soaked and intense battles are not uncommon in AEW, this particular bout appeared at Triplemania XXXI in Tijuana, Mexico, featuring Penta El Zero Miedo (known as Pentagon Jr.

in AEW) taking on QT Marshall in an Ambulance Match. The match was a monumental moment for Mexican wrestling, being the first of its kind in the country. Marshall emerged victorious in this hard-fought battle. While fans were delighted to witness this unique clash, Tony Khan clarified that occurrences outside AEW would remain rare.

During an insightful conversation with Chris Jericho on "Talk is Jericho," QT Marshall disclosed the behind-the-scenes events that led to this extraordinary match. It all started when Konnan pitched the idea to Marshall, who sought Tony Khan's approval.

Surprisingly, Khan saw this as an opportunity for Marshall to elevate his career in AEW and agreed to the match, despite it being outside the company's usual boundaries.

"Khan's Trust in Marshall's Potential

Tony Khan emphasized his trust in Marshall's abilities to captivate audiences and believed that this crossover match would offer an alternate perspective of Marshall to AEW's Twitter following.

Although some fans criticized Tony Khan for featuring Marshall on television, Khan recognized that the reception of Chris Jericho, who also received intense backlash, differs significantly from the hatred directed towards Marshall.

The gamble paid off as the match delivered a compelling narrative that unfolded over the past few months. Marshall's involvement in Mexico's wrestling scene offered a fresh character portrayal, garnering attention and proving Tony Khan's instincts right.

QT Marshall is set to return to Mexico for Triplemania XXXI in Mexico City, where he will partake in a four-way match to crown a new AAA Latin American Champion. The event will feature formidable opponents like Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr., and Dralistico.

Tony Khan's decision to green-light this match showcased his confidence in QT Marshall's talent and charisma. Breaking his rule to benefit a wrestler's career spoke volumes about Khan's commitment to nurturing his talent and elevating AEW's brand.

While similar crossovers might be a rarity, the impact of this unique bout will undoubtedly resonate within AEW and beyond, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and the wrestling world.

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