Vince Russo dismisses Jim Cornette's hatred as folklore

Legendary Wrestler Returns to the Ring After Decade Hiatus

by Noman Rasool
Vince Russo dismisses Jim Cornette's hatred as folklore

Wrestling has always been a hotbed of drama, fallouts, and fierce rivalries, but the outright hatred defines Jim Cornette's feelings towards Vince Russo, a former WWE and WCW writer. These two personalities couldn't be more different regarding their views on the wrestling business: Cornette leans towards the traditional, sports-oriented approach, while Russo embraces the wild extravagance of sports entertainment.

Over the years, since their time working together, Cornette has made no secret of his disdain for Russo, taking every opportunity to criticize him across various platforms. Their feud has become the stuff of wrestling legend, with Cornette's resentment towards Russo being an ongoing saga in the wrestling community.

Recently, during an interview on the Insight podcast with Chris Van Vliet, Vince Russo finally addressed the issue, shedding light on the origins of Cornette's animosity. Russo pointed out two key factors that might have contributed to Cornette's aversion.

Firstly, Russo, a New Yorker with a thick accent, encountered a bias against people from the East Coast, which likely could have sat better with someone from the South like Cornette.

Russo's Double Victory Fuels Cornette's Resentment

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Russo mentioned that he was chosen over Cornette not once but twice in their careers—first at WWE and then at TNA.

While Russo claimed to harbor no ill will towards Cornette, he theorized that Cornette's resentment stems from his inability to accept that he was not selected over Russo due to his flaws. Russo believed that Cornette's unwillingness to adapt and his complex nature to work may have contributed to the decisions.

However, in Cornette's mind, it seems easier to blame Russo, believing that some underhanded tactics must have been involved in his selection. Thus, the seeds of this long-standing feud were sown. Despite the heated animosity between them, Russo offered a potential resolution.

He proposed a one-on-one debate with Cornette on a paid online platform, with all proceeds going to the Cauliflower Alley Club, a charity supporting needy wrestlers. But Cornette outright refused the offer, fearing it might damage his carefully crafted gimmick and the persona he had built over the years.

In Russo's view, Cornette's relentless berating of him is merely part of his gimmick, perpetuated for the sake of his dedicated followers and the wrestling community. While Russo may not reciprocate the hostility, he has taken a more generous approach by occasionally praising Cornette, demonstrating his willingness to move beyond the bitter rivalry.

In conclusion, the clash between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo is a polarizing example of the divergent ideologies shaping the wrestling world. While their feud may persist, it also serves as a testament to the enduring passion and complexity of the wrestling community.

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