Grayson Waller: 'Totally Comfortable' in Segment with John Cena

An unexpected face-off unfolds at Money In The Bank.

by Noman Rasool
Grayson Waller: 'Totally Comfortable' in Segment with John Cena

Australian WWE star Grayson Waller recently had the unique opportunity to stand opposite the 16-time world champion, John Cena, in a segment during the famed Money In The Bank event. The piece ended with Cena delivering his signature move, the Attitude Adjustment, to Waller.

Reflecting on this experience in an interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Waller confidently shared that he felt at ease trading promos with a wrestling legend like Cena. In Waller's words, the intense preparation he invests into his craft made the situation familiar rather than intimidating.

"I put so much effort into my work; it felt like I had been there before," he said. Waller disclosed that he and fellow wrestler Carmelo Hayes had contemplated this very scenario weeks earlier. "Cena is known for being frank and challenging his opponents," Waller commented.

He admires Cena's reputation as the yardstick for skill with the microphone, continually pushing fellow wrestlers to improve their game. Waller recollected Cena's interaction with Austin Theory earlier this year, noting how Cena was testing Theory, forcing him to elevate his performance.

Confident Preparation: Waller's Cena Showdown

Waller had mentally rehearsed his encounter with Cena many times before it materialized. "The prospect of facing you, Cena, with your iconic music playing, doesn't daunt me. I belong here.

This is my realm," Waller expressed. He believes this strong attitude and his diligent preparation are the key to his seeming ease in the ring, even on high-pressure nights. Waller gave a reflective answer when asked about the audience's response to his segment with Cena.

"I think I unveiled more of my persona to the audience," he said. He acknowledged some fans' initial skepticism about his role but shrugged it off, recognizing the fickle nature of public opinion. Waller was primarily concerned about proving himself not only to the audience but also to his colleagues backstage.

As Waller recounted the day of the event, he described the intrigue surrounding Cena's presence in the O2 Arena. "No one knew John was there," he revealed, adding a touch of mystery to the whole incident. Overall, Waller emphasized his dedication to his profession, readiness to face legends like Cena, and drive to prove himself in the wrestling world.

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