Drew McIntyre Praises Kurt Angle

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Drew McIntyre Praises Kurt Angle

Drew McIntyre is one of the top WWE talents. He is a strong and mean looking wrestler and has worked with some of the best WWE wrestlers of the world right now. McIntyre rejoined the WWE in 2017. His first run with the company was mediocre at best.

He spoke to Sport Illustrated about his career. He went out of his way to praise Kurt Angle. After Drew left the WWE in 2012, he started working for various promotions. He worked with Insane Championship Wrestling and EVOLVE. He also worked for TNA where he wrestled some of the best WWE wrestlers that left the WWE to work for TNA at that time.

One of those wrestlers was Kurt Angle. Angle is currently a WWE Hall of Famer, and he is one of the best technical wrestlers that has ever worked for the WWE. "I don't know why, but Kurt chose to work with me for one of his final matches in TNA, but he made me look like a million bucks," McIntyre said.

"Then, a few years later in WWE, he made me look like an absolute killer. I humiliated Kurt and made him tap out to his own ankle lock. I can never thank Kurt enough for what he has done and continues to do for me."

He also praised Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels as he was in his advanced placement course that was part of the WWE Performance Center.