Nick Patrick: Working with Eddie Guerrero in WWE was a Blast

Diving into the playful antics of wrestling icon Eddie Guerrero

by Atia Mukhtar
Nick Patrick: Working with Eddie Guerrero in WWE was a Blast

Eddie Guerrero, one of the most prominent figures in WWE history, is fondly remembered for his witty antics, and particularly his crafty manipulation of referees as he played out his "lie, cheat, and steal" storyline. This captivating, borderline mischief always kept audiences on the edge, rarely turning them against him.

Nick Patrick, a former WWE referee who recently appeared on the "Monday Mailbag" podcast, shared his delightful experiences working with Guerrero. Patrick recounted the joy of being part of Guerrero's in-ring exploits, suggesting that referees too, alongside fans, thoroughly enjoyed the latter's performances.

Working with Guerrero, affectionately known as "Latino Heat," was an absolute pleasure, Patrick recollected. "Eddie was so fun to work with," Patrick stated. He clarified that the ideas for the amusing stunts were always Eddie's brainchild, and he was merely a participating accomplice.

Their professional camaraderie spanned both WWE and WCW, giving Patrick ample opportunities to be involved in several memorable matches of the late superstar's career.

Guerrero's Memorable Belt-Swap Prank

Patrick fondly recollected one particular incident involving a mischievous belt-swap prank.

He laughed, "The one that really popped me is that one where I was talking to somebody and he'd come up and whack on the butt with a belt... and he threw it to somebody else and I'd catch them with the belt." As Patrick showered praise on Guerrero, he emphasized the latter's unique talent and entertaining creativity.

Guerrero's tragic demise in 2005 from heart failure left a void in the wrestling community, and his remarkable contributions were acknowledged with a WWE Hall of Fame induction the following year. Despite Guerrero's jovial side, his wrestling prowess was never in question.

A recent interview with Chavo Guerrero highlighted Eddie's concerns before his 2004 match against Brock Lesnar, where Eddie had to fight valiantly to secure the WWE Championship. This demonstrated Guerrero's willingness to channel his "Black Tiger" alter ego from his days in Japan, reflecting his readiness to engage in a real fight if needed. Such was the duality of Eddie Guerrero – both a lovable trickster and a formidable adversary.

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