Seth Rollins Make a Promise to WWE Fans


Seth Rollins Make a Promise to WWE Fans
Seth Rollins Make a Promise to WWE Fans

Seth Rollins is one of the most popular WWE stars of all time. He is considered to be one of the most technically gifted wrestlers in the world and is also terrific on the microphone. He gained popularity when he started working for the WWE as a member of The Shield.

After The Shield split, it didn’t take long for Seth to reach the top of the WWE as a heel wrestler. He would on occasions take the role of a babyface wrestler over the years. However, he is mostly known for being a fantastic heel.

Seth Rollins Talks About Getting Revenge on Finn Balor

Seth currently holds the WWE Heavyweight Title. The champion got a bit emotional when he addressed his fans at Tampa Bay, Florida after RAW went off air. Seth apologized to the fans for getting absolutely destroyed by The Judgment Day just before the show closed.

"This city is special to me, this is where I got my start in WWE," Rollins said, as he referred to some of his times that he spent at FCW. "So [when] I came back here tonight, I wanted it to be a special night — Finn Balor and The Judgment Day ruined that." Seth does not want the Judgment Day to just walk away without fighting.

He made a promise to all the fans that were in the Amalie Center after they started booing when he spoke about Judgment Day. "I promise you, SummerSlam is going to be a different story. I'm gonna go out there and beat his [Balor's] ass, I'm gonna defend the World Heavyweight title, and I'm gonna do it for me, but I'm gonna do it for every single one of you — that supported me all the way back in the FCW days and still supports me here tonight.

Tampa, we love you! Sing me song, sing it in the streets!" Earlier during the show, there was a WWE Contract Signing Segment. It ended when the champion flipped the table. After that, The Judgment Day gagned up on Rollins, and the fans didn’t like that at all.

It started with Damian Priest hitting Rollins with a Razor’s Edge. Dominik Mysterio that hit The Visionary with a Flog Splash. Balor then used the Coup De Grace to finish the beating. This rivalry will most likely end at SummerSlam.

Seth Rollins Finn Balor

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