Sami Zayn: World Championship Dreams Still Alive in WWE


Sami Zayn: World Championship Dreams Still Alive in WWE

With a narrative as exhilarating as it was heartbreaking, Canadian professional wrestler Sami Zayn's face-off with the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in Montreal last February, appeared to be his golden opportunity to clinch the World Championship title.

This wrestling encounter, then the most compelling saga in WWE, hinged on Zayn's terminated loyalty to The Bloodline. An inadvertent intervention by Jey Uso, who later openly turned his back on Reigns, afforded the Universal Champion the chance to vanquish Zayn, thus extending his unparalleled reign.

In the aftermath, Zayn triumphantly secured the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships with Kevin Owens, besting The Usos at WrestleMania 39. Since then, his energies have been largely concentrated on the tag title domain. However, Zayn's pursuit of the World Championship remains a vital, unforgotten dream.

Zayn Reflects on Missed Triumph

In a recent interview with Xfinity alongside Owens, Zayn delved into this enduring aspiration. He said, "Undeniably, if I had triumphed over Roman, it would have been the perfect storybook ending.

But considering the bigger picture, the long-term perspective, this could be a significant chapter of a larger narrative." Zayn continued by candidly acknowledging the weight of such moments, even when they don't culminate in victory.

"Had I prevailed that night in Montreal or at WrestleMania, undoubtedly it would have been a moment etched forever in the annals of WWE. Despite the outcome, our confrontation was something special and, as the continuing storyline with The Usos and Roman shows, still resonates with dramatic moments." Drawing an interesting comparison, he remarked, "It reminds me of when Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker, breaking the streak.

Such a stunning moment leaves you grappling with its significance. I remember watching it live with Juice Robinson. He was so bewildered he stated he needed five years to determine whether it was the right decision. In many ways, he was right. It required years to fully comprehend the repercussions and ripple effects of that moment."

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