Dave Meltzer Replies to Seth Rollins Criticism of His WWE Star Ratings


Dave Meltzer Replies to Seth Rollins Criticism of His WWE Star Ratings
Dave Meltzer Replies to Seth Rollins Criticism of His WWE Star Ratings

Veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, renowned for his match ratings scale from zero to five stars and beyond, recently addressed WWE superstar Seth Rollins' comments labeling his ratings as "silly". In an interview on the "McGuire on Wrestling" podcast, Meltzer expanded on his perspective towards ratings and expressed his equanimity towards Rollins' critique.

"I'm unperturbed," Meltzer commented about Rollins' remarks, equating his rating system to that of movie or video game critics. "They're merely opinions. If Seth deems a match as good, then it equates to a three-star rating in my book.

If it's great, then it's a four-star match. They correlate, wouldn't you agree?"

Meltzer Addresses Ratings Scrutiny

Meltzer, a seasoned wrestling analyst, voiced his bemusement over the intense scrutiny his ratings garner, arguing that video game critics don't face similar backlash.

Though he doesn't meticulously track his ratings, he acknowledges the existence of enthusiasts who archive them. Interestingly, these lists serve as his go-to resource when selecting nominees for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

An inherent part of wrestling culture now is the social media uproar following Meltzer's star rating for a match. However, Meltzer sought to clarify the genesis of the ratings system. He revealed that he didn't pioneer the system; it was rather the brainchild of another industry stalwart, Cornette.

"Cornette initiated it, intending to use numbers instead of words like 'Good', 'very good', or 'excellent'," Meltzer expounded. He further explained that the system evolved as matches improved in quality, thus necessitating the addition of the five, and later, the six-star category even before his involvement.

"The claims that I broke the system are unjust. It was not my creation, and I didn't break it," he stated. Meltzer believes the gradual increase in his average star ratings over the years is a testament to the amplified skills of modern wrestlers.

He attributes this progression to the advent of the internet, which offers easy access to wrestling archives. This accessibility has bred a generation of wrestlers more immersed in the sport than ever before, resulting in superior performances.

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