Paul Wight: Business Aim Now is Fun and Giving Back

Wrestling icon, Paul Wight, discusses career evolution and mentorship.

by Noman Rasool
Paul Wight: Business Aim Now is Fun and Giving Back

In a recent reflective interview with TalkSport Breakfast, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar and multiple-time world champion, Paul Wight, shared candid insights about his ongoing career and evolving role in professional wrestling.

Having stepped away from his time in the limelight as a persistent competitor, Wight revealed he is no longer driven by the ambition to win championships or bear the weight of entire companies on his shoulders, roles he passionately undertook for more than two decades.

"Have I still got it?" Wight questioned aloud during the interview. "I wouldn't say I've still got it. I've got enough," he admitted, referring to his wrestling prowess. Even though he dominated the wrestling scene for over 20 years, performing five days a week globally, Wight now comfortably accepts a lighter schedule.

Doing one or two weekly shows is about his speed at this career stage.

Wight's New Purpose: Fun and Safety

Shifting the conversation, the AEW star discussed his redefined purpose in the business. According to Wight, he's now driven by a desire to have fun and ensure his fans share that joy.

With the wisdom of his years in the ring, he has chosen to be more cautious, avoiding physically demanding moves such as high-risk leaps from the top rope. "Now in my 20s, you couldn't have convinced me to stay grounded," he confessed with a chuckle.

"But now, I'm content with keeping my feet on the mat, focusing on entertaining fans and having fun." More importantly, the renowned wrestler emphasized his aspiration to inspire and empower the next generation of wrestlers.

He views his role as a mentor as crucial to fostering passion and instilling confidence in emerging talent. Wight believes that true love for the business is manifested in personal success and the ability to give back and enhance the industry's overall quality.

"Many people say they love the business, but if you truly care about something, you give back," he stated. For Wight, improving the wrestling industry means cultivating better-trained, sharper-thinking talent than ever before, ultimately leaving the business in a healthier state than when he first entered.

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