Fuego Del Sol: Tony Khan Lacks Cody Rhodes' Faith in Me

Fuego Del Sol reveals challenges after Cody Rhodes' exit.

by Noman Rasool
Fuego Del Sol: Tony Khan Lacks Cody Rhodes' Faith in Me

In a candid conversation with Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling, Fuego Del Sol, he has shared his personal experiences about the shift in the atmosphere at All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following Cody Rhodes' departure from WWE.

Fuego's revelations point towards a certain degree of disillusionment, especially concerning AEW President Tony Khan's faith in him compared to that of Rhodes. Del Sol has always acknowledged the pivotal role Rhodes played in his wrestling career at AEW.

He told Hausman, "Cody Rhodes was a massive pillar of support for me at AEW. His departure signaled a more challenging phase in my career."

Mentorship Gap: Rhodes vs. Khan

According to Fuego, Rhodes was not just a colleague but a confidante and a mentor, a bridge between him and the top echelons of AEW management.

He felt that Rhodes' belief in his potential was unparalleled. Unfortunately, Fuego didn't experience the same level of faith as Tony Khan. "The belief and confidence I received from Cody, I never found that with Tony," he remarked, indicating a sense of unease post-Rhodes' exit.

Seeking to fill the void left by Rhodes, Fuego attempted to forge a similar bond with QT Marshall. But even Marshall had his plate full, grappling with his ambitions in AEW. Fuego stated, "I had hoped to collaborate more closely with QT.

But balancing his aspirations and commitments at AEW left him little room to mentor me as Cody did." Despite his commitments, Marshall tried to act as an intermediary between Fuego and Khan. He was there to assuage Fuego's frustrations or provide clarity during moments of confusion.

Fuego did express his gratitude for Marshall's support, "QT did his best to ease my concerns, clarify confusion, and provide me information from Tony." However, the exit of Rhodes brought with it a new challenge for Fuego - obtaining straightforward responses and information from AEW's President, Tony Khan.

This was particularly problematic for Fuego if the messages came via QT Marshall. In conclusion, Fuego Del Sol has faced some hard knocks post Cody Rhodes' departure. Navigating the wrestling arena without Rhodes' unwavering belief in him is a new challenge he is learning to tackle.

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