Viktor & Konnor's Quest: How They Strived to Enter the NWA


Viktor & Konnor's Quest: How They Strived to Enter the NWA

DURING A RECENT INTERVIEW WITH PW MANIA, former WWE star Viktor recently shared his thoughts on the current wrestling landscape and revealed his fondness for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Viktor expressed that the NWA is the only wrestling product he genuinely enjoys watching, citing its nostalgic, old-school feel and hard-hitting action as the main reasons for his admiration.

In the interview, Viktor opened up about how he first started watching NWA during its resurgence, and he was immediately captivated by the promotion's unique approach to wrestling. He praised the NWA for maintaining a balance between nostalgia and a contemporary wrestling product, emphasizing that it doesn't rely heavily on flashy theatrics or over-the-top entertainment.

Instead, it focuses on delivering a solid, hard-hitting in-ring experience reminiscent of classic wrestling.

NWA's Diverse Roster and Compelling Shows

Drawing comparisons to Ring of Honor (ROH), Viktor pointed out that the NWA's wrestling style is similar but also features a diverse roster that includes seasoned veterans and promising young talent.

He expressed his appreciation for the mix of experience and potential that makes the NWA shows compelling and engaging. Interestingly, Viktor disclosed that he and his longtime tag partner Konnor attempted to join the NWA a few years back, but unfortunately, their efforts didn't pan out.

Despite this setback, he remains hopeful about a future collaboration. Recently attending an NWA show, Viktor was impressed by the in-ring action and the positive atmosphere backstage. He commended the locker room environment, which he described as conducive to creating a strong camaraderie among the wrestlers.

The overall experience left a lasting impact on Viktor, further solidifying his admiration for the promotion. As for the future, Viktor expressed uncertainty about whether he would eventually find his way to the NWA roster.

However, his words suggested that he hasn't ruled out the idea entirely, indicating that he would be open to exploring opportunities with the promotion if they arise. In conclusion, Viktor's passion for the NWA shines through as he explains why it stands out in the current wrestling landscape.

His desire to participate in such a unique and compelling promotion reflects his continued love for the sport and dedication to finding the right platform to showcase his talents.