Cody Rhodes Lauds Seth Rollins, Foresees Unlikely Friendship


Cody Rhodes Lauds Seth Rollins, Foresees Unlikely Friendship

In a candid interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," WWE superstar Cody Rhodes opened up about his thoughts on Seth Rollins' in-ring prowess while shedding light on their relationship dynamics. Despite any backstage tensions, Rhodes couldn't help but express his admiration for Rollins' on-screen work and wrestling acumen.

The two wrestlers had a memorable encounter at WWE Hell in a Cell in 2022, where Rhodes battled through an injury to defeat Rollins inside the unforgiving structure. Speaking highly of Rollins, Rhodes emphasized the latter's exceptional abilities as a wrestler and ring psychologist.

He commended Rollins for his decision during their Hell in a Cell match, acknowledging that it was pivotal to the success of their showdown. However, he quickly clarified that despite mutual respect, their relationship doesn't extend beyond the professional realm, stating that true friendship seems unlikely.

Respect and Rivalry: Cody's Appreciation for Rollins

Nonetheless, Rhodes held Rollins in such high regard that he would dedicate an entire chapter to him if he ever wrote a book. In Rhodes' eyes, Rollins remains an undervalued asset to WWE, and he praised their previous encounters, particularly the trilogy of matches that engaged fans significantly.

The competitive rivalry between the two, centered around the question of who is the top superstar, proved to be a valuable experience for Rhodes. Although their encounters thrilled fans, Rhodes revealed he has no desire to face Rollins again in the ring.

Apart from the 2023 men's Royal Rumble match, where they crossed paths, they have only squared off twice this year during non-televised WWE live events in February. The intense rivalry seemed to have simmered down as their focus shifted to different competitors.

Their matches left an indelible mark on both men's careers, and Rhodes couldn't be more appreciative of the opportunities to work with a talented performer like Rollins. Despite the uncertainty surrounding their relationship, one thing remains certain - their in-ring encounters will be remembered as some of the most captivating moments in WWE's recent history.

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