Cora Jade Cryptic Tweet Sparks Speculation After NXT Loss To Dana Brooke

Fiery showdown rocks 'NXT' as tempers flare!

by Atia Mukhtar
Cora Jade Cryptic Tweet Sparks Speculation After NXT Loss To Dana Brooke

Is Cora Jade's WWE main roster debut imminent following her loss to Dana Brooke in a Kendo Stick Match on "WWE NXT"? The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation after Jade's cryptic tweet left fans questioning her future with the white and gold brand.

After her match against Dana Brooke, in which Brooke secured the victory with some assistance from Kelani Jordan, Cora Jade took to Twitter to express her disappointment with a simple yet impactful "Bye." This tweet immediately garnered attention from her devoted fanbase, who flooded her mentions with broken heart emojis and tributes to her successful two-year stint in "NXT." Even Dana Brooke herself responded to the tweet, further fueling the rumors and intrigue surrounding Jade's potential departure.

Cora vs. Dana!

The rivalry between Cora Jade and Dana Brooke reached a boiling point on a previous episode of "NXT," when Jade was awarded the win via referee's decision after Brooke suffered a knee injury during the match.

Despite the injury, Brooke refused to back down and bravely returned to the ring to continue the bout. Unfortunately, the match had to be stopped when Jade applied a punishing half Boston Crab on the injured Brooke, leading to a controversial ending and heated reactions from the WWE Universe.

Dana Brooke's victory over Jade on "NXT" marks her first win on WWE television since defeating Becky Lynch in a 24/7 title defense on "WWE Raw" back in June 2022. Since that triumph, Brooke had been enduring a significant losing streak on television, with her only wins coming during non-televised events and "WWE Main Event" tapings.

If Cora Jade is indeed bidding farewell to "NXT," she departs as a 1-time "NXT" Tag Team Champion. Alongside her, rumors are circulating about other potential call-ups to the main roster, such as The Creed Brothers, who recently lost a "Loser Leaves NXT" match to The Dyad.

This suggests that WWE might be looking to refresh the main roster with some new faces and talents. As the speculation continues to grow, wrestling fans are eagerly awaiting any official announcements or further updates from WWE regarding Cora Jade's future.

Whether she's bound for "Raw" or "SmackDown," one thing is for sure: Cora Jade's journey in WWE is far from over, and her potential impact on the main roster is generating a considerable amount of excitement and anticipation.

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