Xavier Woods Discusses New Day's WWE TV Absence


Xavier Woods Discusses New Day's WWE TV Absence

Popular WWE trio, The New Day, has been noticeably absent from the recent WWE programming, leading fans to question their hiatus. Known for their enthusiastic performances, the trio, consisting of Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston, has experienced a string of injuries that have kept them off-air.

Big E, an integral member of the team, has not been seen in the WWE arena for over a year following a severe neck injury he suffered in March 2022. His fellow New Day companions, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, strived to keep the team's spirit alive despite Big E's unfortunate absence.

However, this past March, the misfortune continued as Kingston sustained an ankle injury, setting the team further off track. Splitting up the popular trio was not considered an option by either the WWE or the team members themselves.

As a result, Woods has also limited his appearances on WWE programming, with his last televised match taking place on May 15th, ending in a loss to Dominik Mysterio.

New Day's Return Assured by Woods

Concerns among fans have grown due to the protracted absence of the entire trio.

In a recent interaction with Superstar Crossover, Xavier Woods reassured fans by stating that The New Day will soon return to WWE programming. Expanding on his off-screen activities, Woods shared, "I’ve been just getting big at home, dude.

I’ve been getting huge. I’ve been doing Dungeons & Dragons appearances. We’re doing USFL appearances." He emphasized that fans don't see the team's relentless efforts outside the ring, assuring, "And so we’ll be back in due time.

We’ll be back in due time”. While Xavier Woods is evidently focusing on building his physique, and Kofi Kingston's recovery from his ankle surgery seems to be proceeding smoothly, Big E's future remains uncertain.

He is still awaiting clearance to return to the ring, leaving a question mark over his comeback and the reformation of The New Day on WWE TV.

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