Bully Ray Proposes Vince McMahon Humiliate Top WWE Star on TV


Bully Ray Proposes Vince McMahon Humiliate Top WWE Star on TV

In the wake of Drew McIntyre's post-Wrestlemania absence and the speculation surrounding his status with WWE, his recent reappearance to challenge reigning Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has aroused excitement. "The Scottish Warrior" is all set to take on "The Ring General" at SummerSlam, but WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray raises some concerns.

He feels that McIntyre, the former WWE Champion, isn't striking the right chord with fans and proposes an unconventional solution that could involve Vince McMahon's return to WWE TV.

Bully Ray's Solution: McMahon's Return

During a discussion on "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray suggested that McIntyre needs a quintessential bully-like antagonist to draw the audience more emotionally into his narrative.

He asserts that the iconic character of Mr. McMahon fits this role perfectly. Over a decade ago, the WWE Chairman had bestowed McIntyre with the title of "The Chosen One." Now, Bully Ray suggests, McMahon could rescind this honor and pass it on to another superstar, effectively igniting a spark under McIntyre.

However, the future recipient of this title is still uncertain. "Identifying the right WWE contender who can add pressure to Drew and inspire his evolution is a challenge," Bully Ray remarked. He believes that without the right antagonist, McIntyre's progress up the wrestling card could be stagnant.

"We won't see bigger crowd reactions for Drew McIntyre or witness his ascent unless he is pitted against the right adversary." Before the 2023 WWE Draft, Austin Theory, the current United States Champion, seemed to be the suitable choice for this role.

Theory, once a mentee of McMahon, had taken a hiatus from WWE, and the company altogether, before resurfacing as part of the UFC merger. However, since he is now a "Smackdown" Superstar and is currently preoccupied with either Rey Mysterio or Santos Escobar as potential contenders, the quest to find McIntyre's perfect rival continues.

This ongoing search is crucial for McIntyre's next chapter in his wrestling career, and only time will reveal the chosen antagonist.

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