Cody Rhodes: A Multi-Generational WWE Enthusiast


Cody Rhodes: A Multi-Generational WWE Enthusiast

Cody Rhodes, son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, has long been a public advocate for the storied history of the sport, consistently weaving its legacy into his personal and professional narrative. Notably, he led the revival of the classic Intercontinental title belt design in 2012, a design that had been absent from the wrestling scene for more than a decade.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM's "Busted Open Radio," Rhodes further delved into his deep-seated respect for wrestling's past and how he has integrated the lessons from different generations into his own craft. The wrestling star spoke about his love for every era of wrestling, even amidst the constant evolution and transformation of the industry.

Rhodes' Evolution Amidst Critiques

Rhodes shed light on his former sensitivity towards critiques from veterans of the sport, recalling their insistent declarations about the 'right' way to wrestle. "I was once easily affected," he admitted, "But I've since come to realize that while their opinions may hold merit, and may have worked for their time, what we're doing now is what's resonating with our audience.

It's reassuring, reinforcing the need to trust in our methods." Arn Anderson, another figure from wrestling history, holds significant influence over Rhodes' career, primarily due to Anderson's knack for adapting to the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

Dreaming vividly of his late father introducing him to famed Florida promoter and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Graham, Rhodes pondered what the iconic promoters of the '80s would make of today's wrestling scene. He theorized that wrestling legends like Eddie Graham, Vince McMahon Sr., Bill Watts, and the Von Erichs would appreciate the contemporary product.

"If we could teleport them to 'Monday Night Raw' or WrestleMania, I truly believe they'd love it," said Rhodes. "While I can't assertively put words in their mouths, I think they'd revel in the dynamic interaction between fans and wrestlers. It seems that people often overlook the fact that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to wrestling."

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