WWE's Xavier Woods dreams of becoming a game show host after wrestling

WWE's Xavier Woods reveals exciting career aspirations

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Xavier Woods dreams of becoming a game show host after wrestling

During a recent appearance on the show "Superstar Crossover," WWE star Xavier Woods was probed about his plans for the next career phase after his wrestling days. With thoughtful consideration, Woods revealed his keen focus on preparing for the upcoming chapters in his life.

He acknowledged the everyday reality of adults transitioning between professions and having spoken with fellow veterans about life after wrestling. He understood that it could be a daunting process that requires time and effort.

Drawing from his childhood aspirations, Woods confessed that two passions had always ignited his imagination – becoming a WWE superstar and immersing himself in video games. Eight years ago, he leaped and founded the YouTube channel "UpUpDownDown," where he indulged in gaming with gusto.

This endeavor allowed him to lay the foundation for the next phase of his career, ensuring that he could continue to revel in the joy of work while bidding farewell to his wrestling days. Delving deeper into his plans, Xavier shared his excitement about delving further into the video game space.

Hosting video game events and tournaments, he aimed to maintain his connection with the gaming community while exploring new horizons. However, his ultimate ambition was to venture into game show hosting. He playfully remarked that while Ryan Seacrest might have landed the gig hosting "Wheel of Fortune" after Pat Sajak's departure, he saw himself as the rightful heir to the throne once the time was right.

Xavier Woods exuded confidence, asserting that he would step into the hosting role with finesse when he had honed his skills in the field.

Aspirations for Game Show Hosting

Dreaming big, Woods revealed his desire to host "Wheel of Fortune," seeing it as a pinnacle of achievement among existing game shows.

However, he didn't stop there; he also hoped to resurrect the nostalgic favorite "Nick Arcade" from Nickelodeon's archives. As he spoke about his future aspirations, it was evident that Xavier Woods approached his post-wrestling career with determination and enthusiasm.

He recognized the importance of building a solid foundation for the transition, ensuring he could embrace the next chapter of his life with the same passion and dedication that defined his wrestling career. In conclusion, Xavier Woods displayed a clear vision for his life beyond wrestling, blending his love for gaming with his dreams of becoming a game show host.

With his charismatic persona and dedicated fan following, there's no doubt that whatever path he chooses, he will continue to shine brightly and leave a mark on the entertainment world.

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