Booker T's Change of Heart: Embracing WWE NXT Star Wes Lee


Booker T's Change of Heart: Embracing WWE NXT Star Wes Lee

Throughout this year, Wes Lee has emerged as a vital force in the WWE NXT brand, capturing the attention of fans and fellow wrestlers alike. On a recent episode of his "Hall Of Fame" radio show, WWE NXT commentator Booker T lavished praise on Lee, hailing him as an extraordinary talent.

However, this glowing admiration did not come quickly for the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, who openly admitted to not being sold on Lee from the outset. Confessing his initial reservations, Booker T revealed, "Wes Lee didn't have my vote when I first came to 'NXT.'

He just wasn't a guy on my radar or anything like that. I just thought he was a one-dimensional guy that was going to go out there and do flips and pretty much that was it." Booker's skepticism was centered on the belief that Lee's abilities might be limited to high-flying maneuvers without the depth or ruggedness required to thrive in the intense world of professional wrestling.

However, Lee proved Booker T wrong by showcasing remarkable resilience and determination. Booker marveled at Lee's in-ring presence, acknowledging, "You can tell Wes Lee [has] been in a fight before. You can tell he's been in a couple of scraps." This revelation marked the turning point in Booker T's perception of the young NXT star.

Lee's North American Championship Reign

Lee's career trajectory reached new heights as he held the prestigious North American Championship for an impressive stretch. During this reign, he delivered several awe-inspiring performances, captivating audiences with his blend of acrobatics and tenacity.

Unfortunately, Lee recently relinquished the title to the rising star Dominik Mysterio, leaving many wondering about his next move. Addressing the uncertainty surrounding Lee's future, Booker T quickly dismissed any notion of him outgrowing the North American Championship.

"No, I don't think Wes Lee has outgrown the North American Championship at all," Booker asserted. "He's a young guy. There's a lot of growth ... Wes Lee could possibly be the greatest North American Champion in 'NXT's' history." Booker T's words carried an air of conviction, underlining the immense potential that Lee still possesses.

Booker T stressed the importance of Lee reclaiming the championship, suggesting it could serve as a crucial stepping stone towards a successful main roster transition. "To win it again, to win it one more time on top of that ...

[would] solidify himself before he actually makes it to the main roster by having some notches on his belt," Booker T emphasized. This endorsement serves as a testament to Lee's resilience and the impact he can make in WWE's upper echelons.

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