Dawkins Foresees Street Profits' 2023 WWE Tag Team Victory

Angelo Dawkins shares his outlook for The Street Profits' future.

by Noman Rasool
Dawkins Foresees Street Profits' 2023 WWE Tag Team Victory

Since their formation in WWE's "NXT" in 2016, the dynamic duo of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, known together as The Street Profits, have been an inseparable force. Garnering accolades in "NXT" and EVOLVE, they went on to reign over the tag team divisions on both "Raw" and "Smackdown." Even though their last championship title dates back to 2021, their quest for another has been relentless and unabated.

Dawkins is optimistic that 2023 will herald a turnaround in their fortunes. In a recent discussion on "The 513 Podcast", Dawkins elucidated his team's undying spirit and thirst for victory. Despite the occasional roadblocks over the past few years, their collective vision remains unwaveringly pointed towards conquering championships, whether as a team or on individual pursuits.

"Dawkins Confident in 2023 Aspirations"

"Securing the Undisputed Tag Team Championships has been our aspiration. We strongly believe that this year marks the fruition of our goals," Dawkins asserted. "We're driven to step into the ring and give our absolute best.

Ford has nurtured dreams of becoming the WWE Champion since his childhood. While I am content as a tag team champion, I can't help but eye those titles with determination." Regarding single bouts, the vivacious Ford has had a slight edge over Dawkins regarding championship opportunities.

Ford has had the privilege of contending against the United States Champion, Austin Theory, and five other formidable contenders in the much-hyped Elimination Chamber. More recently, he was allowed to vie for a spot in this year's Money in the Bank ladder match.

The Street Profits' journey encapsulates both their struggles and triumphs. Their tenacity and passion have kept them in the hunt for the elusive gold, with Dawkins firmly asserting their readiness to rise to the occasion.

As 2023 unfolds, the wrestling world is eager to see if Dawkins' prophecy for The Street Profits will pass and if they will indeed secure the coveted WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles.

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