Mark Henry Reflects on Billy Gunn's Hinted Retirement at AEW Collision

Iconic wrestler Billy Gunn leaves fans speculating after AEW match.

by Noman Rasool
Mark Henry Reflects on Billy Gunn's Hinted Retirement at AEW Collision

In a moment that could mark the end of an era, wrestling icon Billy Gunn, following a crushing loss to The House of Black in a Trios match, left his boots in the ring of AEW Collision. Traditionally symbolic of a wrestler's retirement, this act has led to rampant speculation about whether Gunn is truly hanging up his boots or if this is just another twist in the ongoing storyline.

Mark Henry, a legend of the wrestling world and someone who knows all too well the grueling demands of this profession, weighed in on Gunn's hinted retirement. At 58, Billy Gunn is in an exceptional physical condition that belies his age, yet the rigors of wrestling do not discriminate, eventually catching up with even the most formidable competitors.

"Billy doesn't look his age," Henry began, acknowledging the toll age inevitably takes on athletes. "But there comes a moment when your body tells you that you can't keep up anymore. Not at the level you aspire to be, at least.

Maybe the emotions got the better of him after the loss. Did his team lose because of him? Was there a thought in his mind that maybe if he was younger or better, the result could have been different?"

Henry Reflects on Spontaneous Retirements

Henry explained how such self-reflection can lead to overwhelming emotion, possibly triggering a spontaneous decision like retirement.

But he also admitted that only time will tell if this is true. "I've been in that place before," Henry confessed, adding a poignant touch of empathy to his analysis. "It wasn't about the losses, but the reflection I saw on the screen.

I looked and thought, 'I've lost a step.' If I could see it, I knew the fans could too. I never wanted to present myself in such a light again. Perhaps Billy had a similar moment where he saw himself falter." As fans wait for a definitive answer from Gunn, the wrestling community is left to ponder the potential end of an illustrious career.

Like many before him, Billy Gunn is grappling with the relentless march of time, echoing the sentiments of peers like Mark Henry, who've faced this crossroads.

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