Titus O'Neil Expresses Eagerness to Hone Commentary Skills in WWE


Titus O'Neil Expresses Eagerness to Hone Commentary Skills in WWE

Today's episode of "The Bump" featured WWE superstar Titus O'Neil, who openly shared his perspectives on various subjects, including his enthusiasm for taking on the commentator role for the WWE and possibly embracing this responsibility full-time.

A few notable insights from this exciting conversation have been highlighted below. While fully aware of the complexities and demands of Commentary, O'Neil expressed his keen interest to delve deeper into it. "I relish the role," he says, "and I'm eager to take on more.

However, I am completely aware that staying put for a three-hour stretch is a formidable task. In all likelihood, I'd have to give up my routine of consuming two gallons of water each day!" He added, "I yearn to hone my skills in the art of Commentary and get more involved in the WWE.

My role as a global ambassador for WWE is already quite engaging. Still, I'd be delighted if I could contribute to the show in any other capacity and get to see my wonderful WWE colleagues regularly."

O'Neil: Commentary Demands Respect

For O'Neil, the role of a commentator is enjoyable and intriguing.

He states, "Commentary is an area I want to explore further. I find immense pleasure in it. However, it's a craft that demands respect." In response to fans who ardently wish to see him in the commentator's seat every week, O'Neil advises a cautious approach.

He clarifies, "It's important to understand that the job isn't as easy as it appears. Seasoned professionals like Michael Cole can vouch for the challenge that it presents. The role requires you to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Ensuring that you're not overlapping with your co-commentator, sharing relevant information at the right time, and calling the match accurately is a lot to handle." Keen to evolve his commentary skills, O'Neil is determined to make his mark in this domain.

"I am keen on grasping more about the craft so that I can be a truly entertaining and competent commentator when I take on this role," he concluded.