Hogan Reveals Rift with WWE Hall of Famer


Hogan Reveals Rift with WWE Hall of Famer
Hogan Reveals Rift with WWE Hall of Famer

For decades, Hulk Hogan, the emblematic face of the WWE throughout the mid-80s and 90s, graced the wrestling scene with unparalleled panache. Renowned for switching camps from the WWE to its rival, the WCW, Hogan etched his name in the annals of wrestling as one of the greatest villains the sport has seen.

One of the fascinating stories emerging from Hogan's career revolves around his complex relationship with his fellow Hall of Famer, Brutus Beefcake. These two wrestling titans, whose camaraderie began as rivals and developed into a tag team partnership in the WWE, had a notorious falling out that has long intrigued fans.

Beefcake's Alliance with Hogan

Beefcake's initiation into the wrestling arena came as Hogan's major opponent. Despite being unable to secure a victory against Hulkster, Beefcake established an alliance with Hogan, leveraging their off-the-ring friendship.

Their companionship transcended professional boundaries, leading WCW to hire Beefcake following Hogan's controversial transition. In a candid revelation on "This Past Weekend with Theo Von," Hogan brought to light his fall out with Beefcake.

Hogan confessed, “Another guy I traveled on the road with for four years was Brutus Beefcake. Him and I had a falling out. We don’t even talk anymore”. However, Hogan intriguingly hinted that the root cause of their discord lies with Beefcake's wife, saying, “It still has a lot to do with the lady he’s married to.

Nothing really to do with him. So, I’ll pass”. While the details of their falling out remain under wraps, both wrestling legends seem to have moved past this chapter in their lives. Hogan, apart from unearthing his tumultuous relationship with Beefcake, took time to commend another fellow Hall of Famer.

In the same interview, Hogan, who engaged in captivating feuds with Ric Flair across WWE, WCW, and IMPACT Wrestling, named Flair as the unrivaled sports entertainer of all time. Hogan praised Flair, who continues to impact the wrestling landscape through his daughter, the multiple-championship-winning Charlotte Flair, affirming, "No.

He's the best there ever was." Today, both Hogan and Flair relish their retirements. As Hogan prepares for his third marriage, the echoes of their glory days continue to reverberate in the wrestling world, reminding fans of the drama, rivalry, and friendships that once electrified the ring.