Drew McIntyre acknowledges WWE rumors, hints at some truth


Drew McIntyre acknowledges WWE rumors, hints at some truth

Drew McIntyre's surprising return to WWE at Money In The Bank in London, England, marked the end of his months-long hiatus. During his absence, the Scottish star had been a part of a thrilling Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania 39 alongside Sheamus and GUNTHER.

Unfortunately, his loss in that match led to his mysterious disappearance from the WWE scene. Reports began circulating, speculating on the reasons behind McIntyre's absence. It was rumored that aside from nursing nagging injuries, he was also embroiled in a dispute with the company over his creative direction and financial matters, prompting negotiations for a new contract.

His unexpected re-emergence on WWE television quells some of these rumors. Still, the details surrounding his contract status remained uncertain, leaving fans wondering if he had secured an extension beyond the beginning of 2024.

In a candid conversation with TMZ Sports, Drew McIntyre opened up about his time away from WWE and admitted how refreshing it was to step outside the WWE bubble. He acknowledged that the speculations and headlines surrounding him during his hiatus were intriguing, with various rumors circulating online.

While some of those rumors might have had some truth, he relished the opportunity to break from the grueling schedule and the constant spotlight.

McIntyre's Transformative Break from WWE

During his time away, McIntyre took advantage of the break to focus on his physical well-being and work on outside projects.

Unlike past injuries that required rigorous rehab, this time, it allowed him to fully enjoy his time at home with his loved ones, including his wife and cat. The break also offered him a chance to gain some perspective and reevaluate his goals within the industry and as an individual.

Stepping outside the WWE bubble, McIntyre found a renewed sense of purpose and self-awareness, reminiscent of a pivotal moment in 2014 when he was unexpectedly released from WWE. Grateful that he didn't have to endure a similar departure this time, McIntyre used his downtime to introspect, enabling him to return to the wrestling world with a fresh mindset.

His excitement was palpable as he prepared to enter a high-stakes match right after his return. As Drew McIntyre's journey in WWE continued, fans eagerly awaited updates on his contract status. The roller-coaster of rumors offered a glimpse into the complexities of being a WWE superstar.

Still, Drew McIntyre's resilience and renewed focus indicated that whatever the future held, he was prepared to face it head-on.

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