Ex-WWE Star Kalisto to Debut in Impact Wrestling

Kalisto's wrestling journey takes a thrilling turn this weekend.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Kalisto to Debut in Impact Wrestling

Former WWE sensation, Samuray Del Sol, who previously held fame as Kalisto, is poised to make his dynamic debut at Impact Wrestling this coming Friday. Kalisto, known for his high-flying luchador style, is set to display his skills not once, but twice at the forthcoming live events, both scheduled to take place at the vibrant Cicero Stadium in Chicago.

On Friday, wrestling enthusiasts will witness the former Lucha House Party icon team up with the likes of Laredo Kid and Black Taurus in an electrifying six-man tag team match. Their formidable opponents for the evening will be the formidable trio of Moose, Bryan Myers, and the legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray.

Following this heated clash, Kalisto will face former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin in his first singles bout at Impact Wrestling on Saturday, adding a layer of anticipation to an already exciting weekend.

Kalisto's Distinguished WWE Tenure

Kalisto joined the WWE universe in 2013 and made significant strides before his release in 2021.

During his tenure, he won the prestigious United States Championship twice, and left his mark with reigns of the NXT Tag Team Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship, showcasing his versatility and resilience. After departing from WWE, Del Sol spread his wings and competed across various wrestling promotions, with AAA and DDT being notable among them.

His singular appearance on AEW television, where he and Aero Star faced off against the then AAA World Tag Team champions, FTR, further expanded his footprint in the professional wrestling landscape. As he gears up for his debut on Impact Wrestling, speculation about potential feuds is rife among fans and pundits alike.

One intriguing possibility could be a showdown with X Division Champion, Lio Rush. Both athletes have a history of rivalry dating back to their WWE days, when they were part of a triple threat match for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series in 2019. As anticipation builds, all eyes are now on Del Sol as he steps into the Impact Wrestling ring.